Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300


Martin Curren (Master),  Martin Stallard, Janet Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler, 
Margaret Bayliss, Jenny Beacham (secretary) 

Minutes of the committee meeting held on Sept 1st 2009:
The minutes of the previous committee meeting were accepted and signed.  

The draft minutes of the AGM 2009:
Were accepted as a correct record

Matters arising from the AGM:

Dates and events for 2009:
June 12th - Walk and Ring:  Janet and Martin are investigating options. 
It could centre around Leigh or Suckley. Later in the meeting Linda said 
she would be happy to help in the organising of this event.
July 3rd - Main Guild Ringing outing: To Gloucestershire. Martin and Janet will arrange this. 
July 22nd - Evening Outing. To Eldersfield plus another tower. Martin and Janet to organise. 
May 14th 15th 16th - Isle of Wight Tour:  
John Haydon has agreed to lead this, with others. 
Travelling could be on either the Wed or Thurs. 
Secretary to send out info to Martley Guild towers inviting members to 
contact John Haydon for further details. 	

Proposed learning practices:
Thursday  February 11th: Rise and Fall practice. Venue: ?Shrawley 	
Saturday March 13th: Rise and fall practice: Venue: ?Shrawley

 Special practice evenings :	
January 16th : 7 - 9pm at Martley: Touches of Reverse Bob and Double Bob
Thursday April  15th : at Grimley: Grandsire evening 

Committee Membership:
There is one vacancy on the committee since Chris Martin retired as secretary. 
Following discussion it was decided to leave the vacancy pending. 
It would be nice if a new member came from one of the towers not yet represented on the committee. 
Meanwhile, Linda said that she would be happy to help Jenny with secretary and ringing steward work. 
Jenny and Linda to liase with each other.

Hereford Ringing Course: Date -Thursday April 8th to Sunday April 11th. 
It was decided that a memo should be sent to towers reminding people that they 
can apply for a place on the course at the end of this year via the Hereford Course 
Web Site or through info in the Ringing World. Funding is available from The 
Martley Guild or from the Sarah Beacham Trust. The Secretary will email a circular 
to tower masters and to the Martley Guild web page

5) Monthly Guild Practices: Jenny presented the proposed list of monthly practices for the coming year. 
This will be circulated to the towers shortly.

6) Guild Calendar of Events: Linda will prepare the calendar for 2010 and arrange for its distribution. 

 Treasurer’s Report: Janet has sent £100 to the St John’s Tower Appeal as decided at the AGM.
 There have been no funding applications so far for the Hereford Course.
It was felt that we need to know the names of people who have paid their membership fee. 
Tower masters could be asked to send a list of the paying members when they send their subscriptions. 

Ringing  Steward’s Report: As at AGM

Record secretary’s Report: There have been three ¼ peals since the last committee meeting. 
These were, one each at: Mathon, Martley and Shrawley.

8) Guild membership:  Janet to ask towers when collecting money to put names by amount. 
Linda will put all Western Branch Members of the Martley Guild Towers on a spread sheet.
With both these pieces of information  we will be able to see who is a member each year. 

9) AOB: 
1) Linda has heard from Bromyard ringers that there is an initiative to ring in bell 
towers on Saturday December 12th to mark the Climate Change Summit talks in Copenhagan. 
We have heard nothing in Worcestershire. Jenny to find out about this at the Western Branch AGM on Saturday. 

2) Linda asked whether we wanted email addresses on the MG card/calendar. 
It was decided that this would not be necessary. Phone numbers were on the 
card and anyone needing a person’s email address could obtain that elsewhere. 

3) Martin Curren informed us of a conversation he had had concerning the Malvern Hills Society. 
They are struggling somewhat whereas The Martley Guild continues to be supported quite well. 
He thought  that this was because we have a defined geographical area. He suggested that if 
they wanted to follow our pattern, they might focus on particular towers South of Worcester, 
and offer help to those in need of support, which is what we aim to do in the Martley area. 

10) Dates and venues for committee meetings in 2010.

The venue will be The Camp, Grimley. Margaret to arrange the booking of this with The Camp.


February Thursday 18th

April Tues 27th (or 27th)

September Tues 7th

November Tues 23rd 

The meeting finished at 10pm.


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