Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300


Martin Curren (Master), Margaret Bayliss,  Jenny Beacham,  Fred Stallard,  
Janet Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler  and Chris Martin (Secretary).  

Minutes of meeting held on 19.05.09
Minutes were accepted and signed, although Lyn noted that she had since become 
aware of a second Quarter Peal (at Hallow) during the period reported. 
Chris thanked Jenny for taking the Minutes.

Matters Arising
Jenny reported that her discussion with Bob Browne had not so far identified 
any suitable local opportunity to promote ringing at Broadwas. 

Treasurer’s Report
The Nationwide Account now stood at £900, with £19 to deposit, 
being the surplus from the recent Evening Outing. 
All subscriptions were in except Shrawley,which Chris agreed to chase. 

Ringing Steward’s Report
Jenny said that Martley had taken a party to the Cathedral, 
with 8 ringing in the enlarged training facility. 
Attendace at Guild monthly practices had been good, 
although only 10 people went to Broadwas. Advanced practices had been well-supported, 
but no Basic ones had been run. She suggested that greater targeting was necessary for that: 
specific names were needed, prepared to commit to an intensive session or sessions with a 
stated objective. She would circulate a note to Tower Captains.      

Record Secretary’s Report
Lyn said that Quarters had been rung at Hallow, Martley and Shrawley. 
Fred has also conducted a "Date Touch" at Martley of 2009 changes in Reverse Canterbury, 
Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles.

 Tower Reports
Astley - Secretary noted that the Parish would transfer in 2012 to the Arley Kings Benefice 
and that practical control had already passed over. It was too early to say what effect this 
might have on services, but the Tower had only one home ringer and relied completely on visitors, 
usually Shrawley. Support might well now come from Arley Kings, who had a large band; 
and Astley’s position in the Guild should be reviewed when things were clearer. 
Clifton - was now down to 4 plus a learner and was struggling.
Broadwas, Grimley and Shelsley were also without any active home band, 
so almost half the Guild was in the doldrums at present.

Guild Membership
No changes known. 

Guild Activities 2009
Provisional dates were agreed for usual functions; 
Summer Ringing Walk and Picnic - 12 June
Main Ringing Outing - 3 July
Evening Ringing Outing - 22 July
2010 AGM - 7 November,               hopefully at Broadwas (Secretary to contact Bob Browne)

It was agreed to ask the 2009 AGM whether another attempt should be made with the Irish visit, 
or whether something less ambitious, perhaps a few days in late April on Isle of Wight which 
people could "drop in and out of" easily as they wished, would be better.  
Guild Practice details would also be discussed at the 2009 AGM. 

AGM arrangements
Secretary said that he had checked with Bob Davis and that arrangements at Clifton were well in hand. 
He would issue the formal Notice on 12 September. To save paper, 
members would be referred to the website for the draft Minutes of the 2008 AGM, 
although paper copies could be requested.  He would issue invitations to the Association 
and W Branch Masters. It was agreed that the Master would chair the AGM, 
to relieve the Incumbent of a task for which preparation was difficult.  

Other Business

Date and place of Next Meeting
Provisionally, the new Committee would meet on 24 November. 
Secretary to approach The Camp, Grimley at possible venue for a 7.30pm start.   

The meeting closed at 10.10 pm

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