Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300


Martin Curren (Master), Margaret Bayliss,  Jenny Beacham,  Fred Stallard,  
Janet Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler  and Chris Martin (Secretary).  

Minutes of meeting held on 25.11.08   were accepted and signed.  

Matters Arising 
2009 AGM: Secretary noted that there had been some problems with arrangements at Shelsley and, 
after consultation with Master and Deputy Master, he had approached Bob Davis and agreed that 
it would be moved to Clifton. 

Treasurer’s Report 
Janet reported that the bank balance was £870, with subscriptions outstanding from Broadwas, 
Leigh and Shrawley. There were, unexpectedly, no known commitments.  

Guild Membership. 
Robert Barlow (Martley) had now been elected to the Association, so his membership was confirmed. 
Membership was proposed for three new Shrawley ringers, recently elected to the Association:
			Jackie Colwill 
			Ruth Goodman
			John Hutton
	All in favour. Membership granted.
Secretary recorded with regret the death of Claire Moore, who had been a ringer at Shelsley and 
then Shrawley for over 20 years. Though retired from active ringing since 1998, 
she had maintained her interest and was Treasurer of Shrawley tower until her death on 7 February.  

Ringing Steward’s Report
Jenny reported that the Guild Practice Calendar had been published. 
Two monthly practices had been held: Astley in January attracted 14 ringers and Clifton in February 21, 
which was excellent, given the snow.  However, in discussion, 
it was emphasised that it was still a struggle to get many ringers out of their home towers; 
and all Committee members should help to address this. Both the skill benefits and the more 
social aspects should be promoted. 
A special Cambridge Minor practice at Shrawley had been well-supported.  
The next would be on 14 March at Clifton, 7-9 pm, on other Treble Bob Methods. 
Jenny still had a commitment to target Broadwas and try to engage local people with ringing there. 
She also hoped, when the weather improved to visit other towers.

Records Secretary’s Report
Lyn recorded two Quarter Peals since November: at Suckley, and at Mathon by a Guild band. 
The first of those had been comprised of a mix of ten Doubles methods, probably a first in Guild terms. 

Trip to Ireland
John Haydon, the sub-Committee Chairman, had sent apologies and a written progress report. 
The emerging proposal was a visit of 7-10 days, entirely within the southern half of Eire, 
but excluding Dublin itself. Uncertainty remained because Cork was seen as a key element and 
there was a local restriction on total ringing during any year. Confirmation was still awaited 
that it could be included. Otherwise, the itinerary was Waterford, Kilkenny, [Cork,] Bantry, 
Killarny, sightseeing and the Ring of Kerry, Limerick, Waterford again and Wexford. This was 
about 700 miles, but the ringing timetable itself would be light in most places, to allow social time.
Travel options were flight to Dublin or Cork, or the Fishguard-Rosslare Car Ferry. The latter 
could be preferable, because Vehicle Hire costs in the Republic were high.  
It was intended to circulate a firm programme and invite commitment as soon as the Cork issue was resolved, 
but certainly by mid-April. 

Guild Activities 2009
13 June: the circular walk and picnic was being considered for the Astley area, 
a 5 mile route to include Glasshampton Monastery and  Astley Vineyard - details to follow.

4 July: the main Guild Outing to Oxford was still waiting details from Mark Regan, 
who Fred would see shortly. It was probable that the Park & Ride facilities would be 
used and that the evening meal would be close to home, perhaps the March Hare again. 

23 July: the Evening Ring would, if permissions could be obtained, be to Castlemorton and Hanley Swan, 
commencing at about 6.45 pm. Access to both towers was rare, but Fred was pursuing. 

7 Nov: AGM at Clifton on Teme

 24-25 April: The Master reminded that Guild members were invited to join all or part of 
Martley Tower’s outing to Suffolk. The overnight stop would be Long Melford, 
where there was a good selection of hotels, pubs and B&Bs. 

Hereford Ringing Course 2009 
It was understood that, in the event, no Guild members had applied for places, 
so there would not be any call on Guild support funds. Master observed that this was a 
disappointing outcome for such a valuable training resource; and that the Guild should 
promote it more heavily for 2010.  

Tower Reports
Clifton: Master had arranged their visit to the Cathedral training centre for 10 March. 
Grimley: It had been suggested at Hallow that its ringers might run a practice once a month at Grimley; 
and the idea would be discussed with Tim Munslow, Hallow’s Tower Captain.   
Ombersley; it was understood that David Wood might wish to stand down as Tower Captain. 
The succession was unclear and it was important for the Guild to check that things did not drift. 
Suckley: was still having problems getting at least 6 of its 7 ringers together on any Sunday. 
Other Business
Guild Regalia: Secretary had circulated a notice and hoped to place an order during March. 

Date and place of Next Meeting
19 May 2009 at the Lion Hotel, following practice at Clifton.   
A September date would set once the Irish Tour dates were confirmed. 

The meeting closed at 10.00 pm

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