Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
			        Master:  Martin Curren
	       Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		                 01886 888300


Martin Curren (Master), Margaret Bayliss,  Jenny Beacham,  Fred Stallard,  
Janet Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler  and Chris Martin (Secretary).  

Minutes of meeting held on 20.05.08
Lyn asked that the minutes should make clear that she was not leading on the 
issue of a flyer to encourage local interest in ringing at Broadwas. 
Amended accordingly, accepted and signed.  

Matters Arising
Outcome of 2008 Summer activities:
The Severn Valley ringing trip on 7 June had attracted some 20 attendees and been very successful. 
The format could be repeated.
The main Ringing Outing on 28 June had been excellent, with 20-25 attending. 
Coventry Cathedral had been a real highlight. 
The Evening Outing on 24 July had been to Earls Croome and Ripple, with 22 participants.  
This also was worth repeating.
Thanks were recorded to all organisers, especially Fred. 
Memorial to Dick Speed:
Chris had spoken to Dick’s family, who had welcomed the idea of a donation to the Old St Martins 
teaching bells. This was in hand. 

Treasurer’s Report
Janet reported that the Nationwide account balance stood at £696.99, net of a cheque for £330 
to the Old St Martins Appeal (being a total of £240 from the Quarter Peal campaign,  
£40 from a summer ringing outing and £50 in memory of Dick Speed)..  
She was preparing the accounts for the Auditor. 

Ringing Steward’s Report
Jenny said that there had been enough support for all Guild Practices to make them successful. 
However, it was noted that this came from a ‘hard core’ of ringers and that it was important to 
try to encourage more less-experienced members to ring away from their home tower.  
One idea to attempt was bilateral support. To trial this, Chris would discuss with John Westwood 
whether Clifton could be invited to Shrawley practices, since the latter also had a group of 
learners and Clifton ringers might feel more comfortable in that company. 
Martin noted that it had not proved possible to arrange a Clifton visit to the Cathedral training 
ring in August and he would target this again after Christmas.

Records Secretary’s Report/Tower Reports
Lyn recorded seven Quarter peals since the last Cttee meeting: 1 at Clifton, 1 at Hallow, 2 at Martley, 
1 at Shelsley and 2 at towers visited. The Clifton QP was notable as the first Quarter of Stedman Doubles 
for 3 members of the band and the first conducted by Fred. 
Lyn had updated the Guild Scrapbook and this would be available at the AGM. 

She recorded that Shrawley was now supporting ringing for first Sunday service at Astley 
(which had only two home ringers) on a regular basis. It was less easy to provide this kind 
of support at Broadwas because of other commitments by surrounding bands; and Shelsley had 
no service ringing at all, though Weddings etc were covered. Grimley was supported by Hallow, 
but few services were targeted.  Clifton covered all services with rounds and Call Changes. 
Suckley was now (just) ok with the return of Pam and Brian improving.  Other towers were 
generally in a good position (though little was known about Leigh). 

Linda commented that proposed changes in Benefice organisation was likely to reduce service 
overlap between churches. This might make the Guild’s task easier. 

Guild Membership
Secretary was not aware of any losses from current membership. There had not yet been membership 
applications from the learners. 
Linda informed members of the recent death of Mary Walker (Broadwas), who had been a member of 
the Guild almost since its foundation and until ill-health a few years ago. It was agreed that  
this should be recorded at the AGM. A Memorial service was scheduled for 30 September and the 
Guild should look to raise a band for it.  

Guild Activities 2009
The main Ringing Outing was already scheduled for 4 July to Oxford City. 
Mark Regan was leading liaison and Fred would work with him. 
Another Social/Picnic event would be planned for 13 June. 
Fred would put together an evening ringing event on Thursday 23 July.
The AGM was due on 7 November and Shelsley was the rota venue. Chris would discuss with Rosemary Hart. 

It was agreed that Tower Open Days to promote ringing and attract new recruits should be encouraged 
during the year, where possible linking with other local events such as Fetes. These might particularly 
be targeted on towers with problems. Jenny Beacham would talk to Bob Browne about one at Broadwas, 
with a poster and leaflet campaign. 

A Ringing Tour of Ireland was envisaged, probably in the form of a holiday lasting 7-10 days during 
September. Fred would float this for discussion at the AGM, hoping to form an organising sub-committee 
which could attend the Cttee meeting shortly afterwards to discuss parameters. 

The pattern of Guild Practices was discussed.  It was agreed that there should in principle be a 
return to visiting every tower, since the "targeting" policy had not produced the expected benefits, 
except perhaps at Clifton. This tower would get two visits, with Hallow, which regularly hosted 
eight-bell practices, dropping out of the list to make room. 

It was noted that Special Practices tended to attract much the same group of people every time. 
Therefore, it was agreed that they would be arranged informally by those interested and simply 
publicised to others to attend if they wished. 
Initial ideas were a Cambridge evening on 15 November at Suckley and a Minor evening on 14 March, 
venue to be identified.   

AGM Arrangements
Chris had spoken to Phil Bullock. The Rector would not be available, 
but it was likely that one of the Lay Readers would officiate. A service book had been supplied. 
Chris would play if the regular organist was not available. 
Barbara Richards was expected to host the Tea and AGM at her house, as she had before. 
Chris had offered Cttee help, and he would now reinforce this, advising Phil to contact 
Cttee members from Hallow. 
The AGM notice was due out by 20 September and would be posted on the web-site. 

It was agreed that the Cttee would table for discussion a proposal to  increase Guild subscription 
to £2 pa. so that additional support could be given for training activity, 
such as tower or group visits to the Cathedral training centre, 
for which a scale of charges had now been posted. The subs were last increased in 1991; 
and although there had not been any financial difficulty since then, 
the real value of the float was much reduced by inflation. 
Date and place of Next Meeting
25 November in the Lion Hotel, following practice at Clifton.   
The meeting closed at 10.50 pm

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