Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD

			       Master:  Martin Curren
	      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300

            WORCESTER, ON 20 MAY 2008 AT 9.00PM

(This meeting followed a Committee visit to Worcester Cathedral for a familiarisation session 
on the new ring of teaching bells, courtesy of Mark Regan.) 
Martin Curren (Master), Margaret Bayliss,  Jenny Beacham,  Fred Stallard,  Janet Stallard, 
Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler  and Chris Martin (Secretary).  

Minutes of meeting held on 12.02.08
Two amendments noted: the proposal for fund-raising ringing in April was for Quarter Peals; 
and Lyn had not undertaken to consider producing flyers to attract interest for Broadwas, 
but would be waiting see what was already available. With these corrections, 
the Minutes were accepted and signed.  

Matters Arising
No suitable flyers had been found at Hereford, but some were though to be available elsewhere 
and would be sourced. It was important to keep the needs of Broadwas clearly in view. 

Treasurer’s Report
The Nationwide Account names had now been changed and the book returned to Janet. 
The fund had £923, less £200 due to the Old St Martin’s Appeal. 
The Quarter Peal effort was still going on, with further efforts planned at St Swithins, 
by a Guild band, and possibly Malvern and All Saints too. It was suggested that the Guild 
might also donate £50 in memory of Dick Speed : the principle of offering some charitable 
tribute to him was already agreed. Secretary to ask Dick’s family whether they would favour this option.  

Guild Membership
Secretary was not aware of any losses. It was likely that four learners at Shrawley would soon 
join the Association and be proposed membership, as would one from Clifton. 

Guild Activities 2008
12 May  at Cathedral - ringing and tour of crypt: this had been very well supported and much enjoyed. 
Master had thanked Mark Regan. 
7 June - social trip on Severn Valley Railway with associated ringing at Bewdley and Arley. 
Arrangements completed and publicised. 
28 June - ringing outing in the Warwick area. Now confirmed for Snitterfield, Sherbourne, 
Wellesbourne, Stoneleigh and Coventry Cathedral, with food at the March Hare. 

Future  event details were on the web-site. 

Hereford Ringing Course 2008
Two of the four members attending had been supported by the Sarah Beacham Memorial Fund. 
The other two were not seeking any financial contribution. 

Ringing Steward’s and Record Secretary’s Reports
To be added later; insufficient time available. 


Tower Reports
Astley - was now open again for ringing, after the roof repair. Scheduled Guild practice 
there on 3 July confirmed. 
Hallow - new ropes had been fitted. 

Other Business
a	Brenda Williams had donated  Joss’ copy of the Abel ringing programme for Guild use. 
Secretary would consider options. 
b	Members to consider whether use of the Cathedral teaching ring should be additional 
to substitute for part of the monthly practice schedule.  Jenny would discuss whether the Clifton 
band might go there on 5 August. 
c	The should be an open discussion about the level of Guild subscriptions at the AGM on 
1 November at Grimley.

Date and place of Next Meeting
Because by 16 September, the Lion Hotel would be under new management, 
the next meeting could be moved 16 to 17 September at The Talbot, Knightwick, 
following practice at Suckley. Secretary would need to check the Lion’ s continued availability as a venue. 
NOTE: Secretary has now confirmed with Lion Hotel management the continued availability of that venue. 
Decision for September needed. 

The meeting closed at 10.35 pm

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