Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857


Present: Martin Stallard,  John Haydon, Joe Crocker, Michael Snelling, Margaret Bayliss, Janet Mann.

1) Apologies for absence:  Janet Stallard. 

2) Minutes of the committee meeting: Held on September 23rd 2014: These were signed by the chairman as a correct record. 

3) Matters arising: There were no matters arising..

4) Correspondence:  None.

5) Guild Activities. 

For 2015 we plan the following
Catherdral tour. Mark Regan has invited the Guild to a tour of the Cathedral Library. John Haydon to liaise with Mark.   
Day time visit is suggested, probably a Friday. 
Monthly Guild practices to run as per 2014 to be set up by Joe Crocker. Will select a Grimley summer practice and a 
Shelsley practice for these two towers. Martley to be dropped  so as to fit into ten months. Leigh would be best on a Wednesday.
Fifth Wednesday practices at Hallow and Bromyard as previous. 
Special practice Tuesday March 17th at Clifton. Methods: St Simons and St Martins Doubles plus St Clements Minor, 
to be organised by Martin Stallard. 
Martley Guild outing Friday June 19th to Radnorshire to be organised by Martin Stallard.
Walk Friday 10th July to Dodderhill and Salwarp to be organised by Joe Crocker.
Evening outings: July 23rd to Croome D'Abbitot plus one other tower organised by Martin Stallard.
And August 20th to Coddington and Colwall organised by John Haydon.
November 17th dinner at The Wagon Wheel, John Haydon to organise.
Grimley summer practices to be run by David Mountford in 2015.

6) Hereford Course. Only potential candidate for sponsorship is Judeth O'Leary. 

7) Date of next AGM and venue. It was decided to approach Shrawley to host the next AGM on Saturday November 7th. 
In the absence of a secretary, Martin Stallard to contact Shrawley to inform them of the committee's decision. 
John Haydon will help organise the AGM. The AGM itself will be chaired by John Haydon with Martin Stallard taking the minutes.  
8) Meeting Dates for 2015. Tuesdays: 24th March,  22nd September and  24th November, all to be held at The Camp, Grimley.                                               
9) Martley Guild Secretary status. No candidates as yet, so in the absence of a secretary, 
Martin Stallard will fulfil the secretary's role with help from the committee. 

10) AOB.  Ombersley have paid their subscriptions and continue to be members of the Martley Guild.
John Haydon to investigate producing the Martley Guild Card.

The next meeting is 24th March 2015.

The meeting finished at 21.30pm. 

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