Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857


Present: Martin Stallard, Martin Curren, Joe Crocker, John Haydon, Michael Snelling

1) Apologies for absence: Lyn Wheeler, Margaret Bayliss, Janet Stallard.

2) Minutes of the committee meeting held on March 26th 2013: These were signed by the chairman as a correct record.

3) Matters arising John Haydon apologised for failing to organise the Walk in July and sought to offer his resignation. 
This was soundly rejected by the Committee. It was noted that James Kiddle and Jason Fisher have not been elected to the Western Branch. 
This would be done in due course if they wished to join the Branch.

4) Correspondence Martin Curren explained that Linda Wheeler had written tendering her resignation as Records Secretary 
at the AGM and asking to step down from the Committee. After some discussion this was accepted. Lyn suggested that we should aim to have Committee members from other towers and 
Martin will approach Ombersley and John will approach Shrawley. If neither of these is fruitful we will ask Janet Mann if she would join the Committee. 
The rest of the Committee is prepared to stand for re-election and Michael Snelling offered to put himself forward as Records Secretary at the AGM.

5) Treasurer’s Report There has been no change since the last meeting and the Master confirmed funds are in good health with a balance of around £1000. 
One idea is for John Haydon to offer a donation of £50 to the Training Bells at the Cathedral.

6) Ringing Steward’s Report Joe Crocker reported that Guild practices have, on the whole, been well supported and remain a success.

7) Record Secretary’s Report Lyn reported a total of 29 Quarter Peals since the last meeting. 11 of these were rung outside the Guild.
Notable firsts were Jason Fisher ringing his first quarter on the tenor, another first on the treble and another first inside to Plain Bob Doubles. 
Chris Carter also rang his first inside to Plain Bob Doubles.

8) Guild Activities and Events.
a) Stedman Triples. A special practice had been held at St Johns on October 1st which was not well attended but those there found it useful.
b) Guild Outing. The Guild outing to Shrewsbury proved a good event only slightly marred by a lock out at one tower.
c) Worcester Evening Outing 25th April. This was enjoyed and is worth repeating.
d) Walk/Rail/Ring July 12th. John Haydon did not manage to organise it this year.
e) Evening Outings July 18th and August 15th. Martin Stallard had to cancel the planned Kidderminster one but arranged an alternative at a later date.
f) Suggested events for the year 2013/2014 are
- Monthly practices in the same format as 2013
- Walk along the Severn on 11th July
- Guild outing to the Cotswolds on 20th June
- Evening Outings possibly to Hanbury in July and to Kidderminster on 14th August
- Special Practice at Clifton on 13th December for Plain Bob Minor.
- Invite other ideas for special practices at the AGM
- John Haydon suggested we support particular towers and the following proposal will be put to the AGM - Shelsley every 2nd Thursday, 
Suckley every 4th Wednesday and Grimley during the summer.

9) Guild Regalia: This will be added to the AGM Agenda.

10) Ringing Outing April/May 2014: Dave Cropp had sent the Master a proposal for a tour of Dyfed/Pembrokeshire. 
The Master will ask him to provide more detail so that this can be offered to the AGM for consideration.

11) AOB:
There was no other business..

The next meeting is on 26th November 2013.
The meeting finished at 21.45pm.

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