Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857

Present: Martin Stallard, Martin Curren, Joe Crocker, John Haydon, Michael Snelling, Margaret Bayliss, Janet Mann.
1) Apologies for absence: Janet Stallard.
2) Minutes of the committee meeting held on October 3rd 2013: These were signed by the chairman as a correct record.
3) Matters arising There were no matters arising..
4) Correspondence Martin Curren confirmed that he had written to Lyn Wheeler thanking her for her time on the 
Committee and as Records Secretary and also to Bob Garman thanking him for his work as Auditor for many years. 
The Secretary had received a letter of thanks from Mark Regan following our donation to the Teaching Centre 
at the Cathedral. We are welcome at St Stephens, Barbourne any time. The Secretary had also received details 
from Jim and Lyn Wheeler of the names and addresses of the founding members of the Guild who are still with us.
5) Guild Events The Committee agreed it would be a good idea to arrange a Guild dinner on or near the date of 
the AGM in 2014 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Guild and invite as many founding members to this 
as possible. A possible venue would be the Waggon Wheel. The other dates for events in 2014 are as per the 
Guild Calendar to be incorporated in the 2014 Guild Card. This will include a Worcester evening outing on 
2nd October, two Double Norwich practices on March 6th and April 10th and Western Branch dates as per their 
provisional list.
6) Treasurer’s Report There has been no change since the last meeting and in the absence of the Treasurer 
the Master confirmed funds are in good health with a balance of around £1000 even after the web site is 
paid for next month.
7) Ringing Steward’s Report Joe Crocker reported that he had contacted most of the Guild Towers and they 
were all happy with the proposed monthly practice dates for 2014.
8) Record Secretary’s Report Michael Snelling reported that he will be emailing all Tower Captains to confirm 
his appointment as Records Secretary and ask them to contact him direct with details of Quarter Peals and 
other ringing achievements.
9) Hereford Course. There are no known applicants at the moment but we should make sure likely candidates 
are aware of this opportunity before the entries are full.
10) Support for Suckley and Shelsley After some discussion it was decided that the most practical solution 
is for John and Martin to organise a list of people that can be called upon as and when Suckley and 
Shelsley need additional help.
11) Update on planned trip to Wales in 2014. Martin Stallard had received an update from Dave Cropp 
with a revised itinerary for a three day outing to West Wales with accommodation based at Tenby. 
We think there is adequate support to run this as a Guild event but will suggest to Dave that there 
are concerns about the overall cost and travelling time. A more efficient plan might be to have Day 1 
(Thursday 15th May) with towers on the way to Tenby, Day 2 (Friday 16th May) towers around Tenby, 
and Day 3 (Saturday 17th May) towers towards Cardigan leaving those who want to with a drive home. 
This would limit accommodation costs to two nights and make efficient use of driving time.
12) Meeting dates for 2014. These are to be 18th March, 23rd September and 25th November.
11) AOB:
There was no other business..
The meeting finished at 22.05pm.

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