Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857



Present: Martin Stallard, Martin Curren, Lyn Wheeler, Joe Crocker, Margaret Bayliss.

1) Apologies for absence: John Haydon, Michael Snelling, Janet Stallard.

2) Minutes of the committee meeting held on November 27th 2012: These were signed by the chairman as a correct record. 

3) Matters arising Martin Stallard reported that Maria Masters was elected a member of the Western Branch at the last Branch AGM.

4) Correspondence None to report. 

5) Treasurer’s Report There has been no change since the last meeting and the Master confirmed funds are in good health.

6) Ringing Steward’s Report Joe Crocker reported that Guild practices have been well supported. 
   Joe will circulate an A4 sheet of the Monthly and fifth Wednesday practices for 2013 to all Towers.

7) Record Secretary’s Report Lyn reported a total of 15 Quarter Peals and one Date Touch since the last meeting. 
   Four of these were rung outside the Guild. 
   Notable firsts were Margaret Bayliss ringing inside to Grandsire Triples and Janet Mann ringing inside to Single Oxford Bob Triples.

8) Guild Activities and Events. 
a) Stedman Triples. A special practice had been held at Hallow on March 21st which was successful and there were requests to repeat it. 
   Martin Stallard will arrange another in the first week of October - date and venue to be confirmed.
b) Guild Outing. Martin Stallard will be mapping this out shortly based on three towers in Shrewsbury plus one on the way there and another on the way back.

c) Worcester Evening Outing 25th April. John Haydon to organise and confirm details.

d) Walk/Rail/Ring July 12th. John Haydon will organise a day based around Bewdley and the Severn.

e) Evening Outings July 18th and August 15th. Martin Stallard will organise these nearer the time.

9) New Members: James ? and Jason Fisher ,, who both ring regularly at Martley and other Guild towers were proposed as members. 
   The Secretary to confirm their full names. 
Alan Wainwright has started ringing at Hallow but we will leave it to the Tower Captain at Hallow to decide if and when to elect Alan as a member. 

6)  Ringing Outing to Cornwall: Alan Gosling was unable to attend but we believe virtually all   	
    towers are confirmed and between 20 and 25 ringers will be attending.

8) Hereford Course. There have been no requests for financial help on the Course this year.

10) AOB:
An order for Guild Regalia had been completed and all items received. Chris Martin is happy to continue coordinating this in the future.
Joe Crocker observed that Suckley continue to struggle for ringers to keep their practice going and Linda Taylor would appreciate any help available. 
It is unfortunate that the practice night clashes with Hallow.
The next meeting is on 24th September 2013.
The meeting finished at 20.50pm. 


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