Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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			       Master:  Martin Curren
			       Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
			       01886 888300


Martin Curren (Master), Margaret Bayliss,  Jenny Beacham,  Fred Stallard,  
Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler  and Chris Martin (Secretary).  
Apologies were received from Janet Stallard.

Mark Regan (Worcester Cathedral) was also present by invitation. 

Minutes of meeting held on 27.11.07
The Minutes were accepted and signed as correct. Secretary recorded thanks to Jenny 
for preparing and circulating them. 

Matters Arising
Fred noted that the initial cost of the web-site was £28 plus VAT.  
It was agreed that Lyn would produce a laminated A5 card for display in each tower to 
publicise the web-site as a primary means of communication with the membership. 

Cathedral Training Ring
Mark said that the six dumb training bells and the related computer system were now 
fully operational. The bell weights were an apparent 5-7 cwt, so suitable for most learners. 
Each could use the software independently, or any number could be linked. 
This meant that each learner using them could progress individually, 
using the laptop display and headphones to give the effect of ringing with a perfect supporting team, 
on anything from rounds to methods. Trainers could listen in by headphone. Alternatively, 
the sounds could be delivered by loudspeaker and several learners could take part in the same ring, 
with perfect supporting bells: the system could help up to six learners to ring as part of a 
triples/major/ caters/royal/maximus method. Maximum group size was about eight:
six on the bells and two doing theory - white boards and dedicated laptops available.  

In discussion, it was decided that the Guild Cttee should visit as a group and learn how the installation worked, 
so that members could then act as trainers themselves. This would be welcome to the lead Cathedral ringers, 
as it would take some of the pressure off them. It was agreed that  
the Cttee would hold its next meeting - 20 May - in Worcester: 
first with the demonstration at 7.30pm in the Cathedral, then moving to The Plough for formal business. 
Mark said he would make the accommodation arrangements. 

Discussion then moved on to how the Guild could help raise funds for the training development at old St Martinís church. 
The master would discuss with tower captains the idea of opening all Guild towers during April 
for Peal ringing by visitors at some agreed charge per rope. Mark said any help with fund-raising would be most welcome. 

Treasurerís Report
Fred said that Nationwide were being very slow in dealing with the change of Treasurer 
and the account book was still not available to Janet, so there was nothing to report.

Guild Membership
There were no known changes to the membership list. 
It was agreed to put to the next AGM a proposal to increase the Guild Subscription. 
There was a pressing need to find some Band members for Broadwas. 
Rev Sherwin would help to promote the idea and Lyn agreed to look at the possibility of producing flyers. 
The Hereford Course might be a useful place to target recruitment 
and Margaret Bayliss would look out for suitable material.

Guild activities 2008
15 March at Martley - Advanced Minor training session 7-9pm
12 April at Clifton - Theory session and demonstration of basic techniques
30 April at Hallow - next eight-bell practice: it might be helpful to establish a clear theme - 
perhaps Plain Bob Major and Kent Treble Bob Major? Fred to consider.
12 May  at Cathedral - ringing and tour of crypt
7 June - social trip on Severn valley railway with some associated ringing. 
Fred and Janet would walk the proposed route before finalising the details.
28 June - ringing outing in the Warwick area, hopefully finishing at Coventry Cathedral. 
Fred was still working on the details. 
All these events would be promoted on the web-site. 

Hereford Ringing Course 2008
Four membersí applications had been accepted: Margaret Bayliss, Sue and Joe Crocker, Brian Taylor. 
The Master had discussed with the Trustees of the Sarah Beacham Memorial Fund and they would fund two attendees 
at the same rate that he proposed the Guild should offer the other two: 50% of fees up to £50/person, 
plus a contribution of £40 towards residential costs for those staying. 
Proposal seconded by Secretary and carried unanimously. 

Record Secretaryís Report
Lyn noted that a Quarter for Shrawley on 20 November should be added to her last report. 
Since the last meeting, there had been a further 7 Quarters - at Clifton, Martley, 
Shrawley and at Mathon by a Guild band. A Peal of Plain Bob Minor rung at Shrawley just before Christmas 
had raised £125 for Acorns. 

Tower Reports
Astley - general ringing suspended during roof repairs. 
Secretary to check whether this would affect the scheduled Guild practice there on 3 July. 
Ombersley - a wooden shafted clapper for the Tenor was nearly ready for installation.
Suckley - repairs to the tower were nearing completion, but the scheduled Guild practice on 5 March was in doubt. 
Agreed that St Swithins Worcester should be arranged as a fallback: Lyn to pursue. 

Other Business

Date and place of Next Meeting
The next meeting would be held on 20 May in Worcester, as noted earlier.  
NOTE THAT: by 16 September, the Lion Hotel would be under new management. 
Secretary would need to check its continued availability as a venue. 

The meeting closed at 10.25pm. 

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