Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857

                               RINGERS GUILD



Present: Martin Stallard, Martin Curren, Lyn Wheeler, Janet Stallard , Margaret Bayliss.

1) Apologies for absence: Jenny Beacham, Michael Snelling, Joe Crocker, John Haydon.

2) Minutes of the committee meeting held on March 27th 2012. These were signed by the chairman as a correct record. 

3) Matters arising New member Maria Masters needs to be proposed as a member at the next Western Branch meeting.

4) Correspondence The secretary noted the Trust Fund set up for Alison Regan’s children following her death. 
He proposed and all agreed that the Guild would send a cheque for £100 to the Trust. 
The Treasurer Janet Stallard agreed to organise this.

5) Treasurer’s Report All subs are up to date and the total stands at £1078 which is very healthy.

6) Ringing Steward’s Report Jenny was unable to make the meeting. 
It was noted that the Monthly practices have been well attended.

7) Record Secretary’s Report Lyn reported a total of 32 Quarter Peals and 1 Peal since the last 
meeting and provided a detailed report in full which included 7 Quarters and 1 Peal for the Diamond Jubilee. 
8) Guild Events. 
a) Guild Outing. The Guild outing to Gloucester proved a success and making it a Friday avoided clashes with weddings. 
Being able to walk between a number of towers was a benefit.

c) Evening Outings. The outing to Eldersfield was down on numbers but the one to Elmley Lovett 
and Kidderminster enjoyed a good turnout. 
John Haydon will organise another evening outing to St Swithuns and Old St Martins in Worcester. The date planned is 18th October.

d) Walk/Rail/Ring. This was cancelled.

e) Special Practices. There was just one held at Cradley for Kent Treble Bob Major. 
Unfortunately, even with support from Bromyard, we only just had enough ringers.

f) Yorkshire Outing. This had gone well and was well supported.

g) An extra outing to Bishops Castle in August proved popular and worthwhile.

h) Forthcoming events in 2013
	- Bromyard have suggested resurrecting a joint ring with Hallow and it was agreed that the 5th Wednesday Guild practices 
          be run in this way alternating between Hallow and Bromyard, starting with Bromyard on 31st October 2012
	-The date for the Guild outing in 2013 is proposed as June 21st and Fred will explore basing it around Shrewsbury.
	-Evening outing dates are 18th July and 15th August the latter being Chaddesley Corbett and Kidderminster.
	-A special practice is proposed for March 21st for Stedman Triples.
	-The Hereford Course dates for 2013 will be 4th to 7th April.

9) Guild Regalia: Nothing has happened since the last meeting and with Michael Snelling absent it was difficult to know what was being done. 
It was suggested Lyn Wheeler contact Chris Martin direct and start the ball rolling.

10) Outing to Cornwall - Alan Gosling joined the meeting. Alan is planning this from Thursday 9th May to Saturday 11th May 2013. 
                         Accommodation is being reserved at the Royal in Par until the end of 2012 and the room rate is £35 per person per night B&B. 
                         Bookings should be direct with the pub and the contact is Mandy. Alternative accommodation is available in the area and good 
                         camping facilities are nearby at Penhale Farm Camp Site. Arrangements are already well in hand for towers and lunch spots on 
                         Thursday and Friday. Alan will make contact with Truro before arranging further details on the Satuday.
			 Fred will add details about the outing on the Guild website and the Secretary will circulate a note by email to all 
                         Guild members with the AGM agenda notice. Printed detail sheets will be available at the AGM and people will be encouraged to 
                         arrange accommodation booking by Christmas if possible.

11) Martley Guild AGM. This will be held at Martley Church on 10th November using the usual format and timing. 
    The Secretary will email details to all Towers and Members shortly.

12) AOB:

The next meeting is on 27th November 2012.
The meeting finished at 21.20pm. 

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