Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857



Present: Martin Stallard, Martin Curren, John Haydon, Lyn Wheeler, Jenny Beacham, Michael Snelling, Janet Stallard.

The new Master, Martin Stallard, took the chair and welcomed the new Committee in particular 
new members John Haydon (Deputy Master) and Michael Snelling.

1)	Apologies for absence: Joe Crocker, Margaret Bayliss.

2)	Minutes of the committee meeting held on September 27th 2011: These were signed by the chairman as a correct record. 

3)	Matters arising from the previous minutes:  John Haydon raised the question of the location for the 2012 AGM. 
In view of the offer of Old St Martins John and Martin Curren had visited OSM on the previous Friday to assess the bells 
and St Swithuns Institute that has been offered free of charge for the Meeting and Tea. 
These facilities should make for a good AGM and additional car parking is available free at the Cathedral. 
Martley are happy to organise and run the event. John Haydon proposed the use of these facilities 
and Michael Snelling seconded. All voted in favour. A number of options were suggested for someone to take the service.

4)Guild Events. 
a) Practices Jenny Beacham (Ringing Steward) published a provisional list of Monthly practice venues and dates as follows:-
Monday Jan 9th 		Broadwas 7.45
Wednesday Feb 8th 	Hallow 7.45
Friday March 9th 	Martley 7.45
Tuesday April 10th 	Clifton 7.45 Method Grandsire Doubles
Wednesday May 9th 	Leigh 7.45 Method St Martins
Monday June 11th 	Astley 7.30
Thursday July 5th 	Grimley 7.45 Method Bob Doubles/RCP
Thursday August 9th 	Ombersley 7.45
Tuesday September 4th 	Shelsley 7.30 Method Bob Minor/Little Bob
Monday October 8th 	Shrawley 7.30 
Wednesday November 14th Suckley 7.45

In addition 8 bell practices will be held at Hallow on each 5th Wednesday.

Jenny Beacham will talk to Linda Taylor to see if she can print the Guild cards again once all dates are confirmed.

b) Guild Outing. This will be held on Friday 22nd June based on Gloucester with additional towers towards Much Cowarne 
to finish with Dinner at the Plough at Stoke Lacy. Fred and Janet Stallard will organise this and Fred has a contact name 
for Gloucester Cathedral.

c) Evening Outings. Fred Stallard will organise the usual outing to finish at the Three Kings on Thursday 19th July 
and another to finish at Kidderminster on Thursday 16th August. 
John Haydon will organise another evening outing to St Swithuns and Old St Martins in Worcester on Thursday 17th May.

d) Walk/Rail/Ring. John Haydon will organise a day based around the Severn Valley Line one day during the week of 
14th September subject to the timetable being suitable.

e) Special Practices. A Grandsire practice will be held at Clifton on Tuesday 10th April organised by Fred Stallard. 
A Kent Major practice will be held at Bromyard on Thursday March 15th again organised by Fred.

f) Diamond Jubilee. It is proposed to aim to achieve a quarter peal in every Guild Tower during the period of the 
Queen's Diamond Jubilee on June 5th.

5)  Treasurers Report: There was no change from the report at the AGM. The balance stands at 970

6)  Ringing Stewards Report: No change from the report at the AGM.

7)  Record secretary's report: No change from the report at the AGM.

8) Hereford Course. The dates for the 2012 Hereford Ringing Course are the of 12th April to the 15th of April. 
Thomas Briggs from Shrawley plans to apply and the Guild will support him if necessary but also encourage him 
to seek funding from the Sarah Beacham Memorial Trust. Janet Stallard is also interested in applying for the 
Stedman Triples group.

9)Dates of future meetings. These are as previously arranged namely Tuesday March 27th - 7.45pm 
and Tuesday September 25th - 7.45pm both at the Camp Grimley.

10) AOB:
Michael Snelling agreed to look after Guild Regalia and will talk to Chris Martin.
The meeting finished at 21.15pm. 

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