Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300



Present: Martin Curren, Martin Stallard, Janet Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler, Joe Crocker, 
Jenny Beacham, Margaret Bayliss

1) Apologies for absence: None

2) Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Tuesday April 5th 2011. 
These were signed by the chairman as a correct record. 

3) Matters arising from previous minutes: The list of Guild membership for this year was 
examined and discussed by the committee.

4) Treasurer's report: The account stands as at last committee meeting. 
Robert Garman to audit accounts for the AGM.

5) Ringing Steward's report: Linda has been giving some thought to the running of the monthly Guild practices. 
She felt there might be a risk of putting some people off if we decide to promote particular methods for practice nights.  
This was discussed by the meeting. Joe said that it was important that less experienced ringers did not feel that 
we were being elitist in any way. Perhaps special practices concentrating on particular methods was better 
and that the monthly Guild practice nights should be run according to who was there on the night. 
Martin will promote the monthly Guild practice evenings at the AGM and seek the membership's opinion of them.  
It was felt that reminding towers of forthcoming practices by email would be helpful. 

 6) Record secretary's report:  Lyn had one amendment to her previous report as one quarter peal 
was sent in late so making the total for Shrawley 6 quarters, and the total quarters 19. 
Since the last committee meeting there have been 20 quarter peals rung as follows: 
      Three at Hallow - Grandsire Triples, Oxford Bob Triples -(1st in method for Martin 
      Curren) and Grandsire Doubles.  
      One at Clifton - Plain Bob Doubles
      Three at Martley - Plain Bob Doubles
      Two at Shrawley - Plain Bob Doubles, Grandsire Doubles
      One at Ombersley - Plain Bob and Grandsire
      Two at Grimley - Grandsire Doubles
      Two at Broadwas - Grandsire Doubles
      One at Leigh - Grandsire Doubles

      Two Date Touches:
      1911 changes of Plain Bob Minor, Plain Bob Doubles and Grandsire at Shrawley.
      2011 changes of Plain Bob Minor, Plain Bob Doubles and Grandsire at Clifton - For    
      the Western Branch Centenary. 
     Outside the Guild:
     Eastham - Plain Bob Minimus
     Kingsland - Plain Bob Doubles
     Burghill - Grandsire Triples        

7) Report on Guild Activities to Date and Forthcoming:
The walk and ring was not so well attended this year. It had been on a Sunday to avoid Saturday weddings. 
Would Friday be a day to try instead?  
The dinner at the New Inn, Clifton had been good.
Trip to Exeter, and Evening Outings had a good response and went well.

Still to come this year are:
Grandsire Doubles Evening at Clifton on Tuesday Oct 11th 
Kent Treble Bob at Cradley on Thursday November 17th. 
AGM at Hallow on Saturday, November 10th

8) Tower report:
Astley - Shrawley ringers ring on one Sunday a month
Broadwas - Well run practices with a variety of methods rung. About 6/7 ringers, although none local. 
Ring once a month on a Sunday.
Clifton - Three regular ringers. Ringing on Sundays and practice weekly. Sue and Joe go there. 
Younger learners have given up.
Grimley - Thursday practices by Hallow band have not happened lately. 
Hallow cover for some evening services and weddings. 
Hallow - Good for Wednesday practices; but poor lately for Sunday ringing.
Leigh - The bells are going better since Chris did some work on them. 
Martley - Doing well on practice nights and Sundays; but sometimes struggle during the Summer months. 
Ombersley - Self sufficient
Shelsley - Bells are becoming more difficult to ring. Martin Curren noted that the bell chamber 
and bells are in need of some work. 
Shrawley - A good band; and learners doing well.
Suckley - The number of ringers has reduced. Janet and Sid no longer ring. Sound problems are worse. 
The Church is having a major refurbishment project and Linda has talked to the PCC about the bell tower's problems. 
This was followed up by a visit from Mark Regan in his capacity as Diocesan Bells Advisor. 
His suggestions were: professional cleaning out of the bell chamber, frame to be tightened, 
sound proofing, and possibly a new frame and rehang. It was also noticed that there is a crack in the fifth bell, 
which will need welding. 

9) Arrangements for AGM - Nov 12th 2011 at Hallow
The committee:
After discussion, the following changes were decided upon: Martin Curren to stand down from post of Master 
and to take up post of Secretary. 
Martin Stallard to take up post of Master. 
Linda to stand down from post of Ringing Steward and from committee. 
Jenny to stand down from post of Secretary and take up post of Ringing Steward - 
although it was thought that a ringer from a different tower would be an asset to the committee. 
Shrawley to be approached re someone for committee membership. 

Times of service, tea and meeting agreed as last year.
Organist: Jenny to ask David Mountford and if not, Chris Carter from Shrawley. 
Mary Anne Keyes is taking the service.
Jenny to print out and circulate agenda and minutes for meeting.
Hallow ringers to organise tea. Names to Jenny. 

Guild Activities for the coming year:
Monthly Guild practice nights, and 8 bell practice nights at Hallow on 5th Weds
Trip to Yorkshire Thurs April 26th to Sun 29th
Guild Outing Gloucester - Friday June 8th
Walk and Ring - ?month 
Guild Dinner ?
Evening outing - July 19th/26th 
AGM - at Martley November 10th 2012

10) Plan for Trip to Yorkshire:
Dave cropp is organizing this, and his proposed arrangements were discussed. The following amendments were suggested:
To ring at three towers on the Thursday, possibly one of them being before lunchtime.
To ring on Sunday morning, and then travel home.  
Details to be circulated by the end of January.

11) AOB: Martin Stallard informed the committee that the bill for the renewal of the 
Martley guild website will be due soon. The annual cost is about 50.

Martin Curren will talk to Chris Martin re Regalia clothes ordering. 
Perhaps a committee member could take this on. 

Committee meetings for 2012:
Tuesday November 29th 2011 - starting at 7.30pm
Tuesday March 27th - 7.45pm
Tuesday September 25th - 7.45pm

The secretary will pass the dates of events to the Western Branch

The meeting closed at 10pm 

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