Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300



Present: Martin Curren, Martin Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler, Jenny Beacham, Margaret Bayliss

1)	Apologies for absence: Joe Crocker, Janet Stallard

2)	Minutes of the committee meeting held on November 30th 2010: These were signed by the chairman as a correct record. 

3)	Matters arising from the previous minutes:  None.

4)	Treasurers Report: We have 895 .07 in the Martley Guild Account. 
        Janet had compiled a list of the current Martley Guild members, which was distributed to the committee.

5)	Ringing Stewards Report: Linda to send out a monthly Guild Practices list to towers.
The Guild practice at Martley was not well supported on March 4th
Ideas for what we might ring at forthcoming practices:
Clifton: Plain bob, Grandsire, Plain Hunt
Leigh: St Martins, Bob Minor
Astley: Bob Doubles, Cambridge.
Grimley: Reverse Canterbury, All Saints
Ombersley: Plain Bob, Grandsire. 
Shelsley: Treble Bob Evening? Cambridge, Bob Minor
Shrawley: Go along with band
Suckley: Stedman, Bob Minor, Orpheus
All these, Linda was keen to stress, will be dependent on the towers wishes and the band
on the night. 

Bromyard have shown an interest in coming to Martley sometime, and we would like to go to them again.  
A possible date for a Guild practice at Bromyard would be August 18th Double Norwich. And at Cradley,  Sept 15th.  
Linda to liase re these suggestions. 
A Bob minor evening was proposed for Clifton. ? Tuesday July 12th. Linda to talk to Michael or Bob at Clifton practice. 
Martin Curren talked about the quarter peals to be rung for the Western Branch by the end of May. 
These still need to be arranged for Shelsley, Astley, Suckley, Grimley and Broadwas.

6)	Record secretary's report: 
Lyn reported that, since the last committee meeting, there have been 18 quarter peals rung. 
This makes a total of 21 since the AGM. 
These were: 4 at Martley - Grandsire Doubles, Grandsire and Reverse Canterbury Doubles, 
Reverse Canterbury, Plain Bob Doubles. 
1 at Leigh - Grandsire Doubles, 1 at Grimley - Grandsire Doubles, 
1 at Clifton - Plain Bob Doubles, 5 at Shrawley - 3 Plain Bob Minor, 1 Plain Bob Doubles, 1 Grandsire Doubles.
1 at Suckley - Grandsire Doubles ( 1st inside for Dave Cropp),
1 at Ombersley - Plain Bob Doubles, 3 at Hallow - 2 Grandsire Triples, 1 Stedman Triples. 
1 outside of the Guild towers at Hanbury of Grandsire Triples. This was a 1st inside on 8 for John Haydon. 

A very good total for so early in the year. (In 2009/10 total for the year was12. In 2008/9 total was 16)

7)	Report on Guild activities to date: 
Jan 29th Bob Minor evening at Martley
March 19th Kent and Oxford at Clifton
April 2nd Double Norwich at Bromyard

8)	Exeter Weekend Thursday may 5th to Sun May 8th 
John Haydon has arranged the towers, which can be seen on the Guild website. 
Joe Crocker has organised the accommodation for most people. Approximately 25 ringers are going on the trip.
9)	Forthcoming Guild Activities: 
April 14th - A Grandsire Doubles Practice at Grimley
May 22nd - Martley Guild Walk and Picnic - Linda showed the committee members some options for the walk. 
It was decided that the walk from Martley to Broadwas would be a good choice. Ringing could be at Martley  
at 1pm and walk from 2pm to 4pm followed by picnic and ringing. 
The secretary will send out notices to towers following confirmation of plan from Linda. 
June 4th - Annual Dinner at The Cob House Fisheries, Martley. This is being organised by Joe. 
The Cob House will provide a carvery meal. They will need to know that at least 30 - 40 people are going.
June 25th - Guild Outing to Somerset. This is being organised by Martin and Janet. 
To include Wells Cathedral and four other towers. Probably, 'The Jockey' for a meal afterwards.
July 21st - Thursday Evening Outing. Martin Stallard arranging for a visit to Hanley Castle and Eldersfield. 
November 12th - AGM at Hallow. 
10) Hereford Course: Dave Cropp has a place on the course in a Treble Bob group.  
Dave had written to both the Sarah Beacham Trust and to the Martley Guild asking for funding for the course. 
In response to this request, the Sarah Beacham Trust is giving Dave 100 towards his costs. 
As it has been the usual practice that a grant is paid by only one or the other of the organisations, 
the committee decided to inform Dave accordingly. The secretary will reply to Dave's letter to the Guild. 

11) Tower Reports: 
Astley - Shrawley ringers still helping with any ringing. 
Broadwas - Continues well. Noted that Terry Ellard is not very well.
Clifton - Three learners. Sue, Joe and John Haydon go to support. Bob and Michael attend Martley practices. 
Grimley - Hallow ringers practice there on the last Thursday of the month, and ring on 2nd Sunday evenings.
Hallow - Two ringers down as Ted and Gordon are not attending due to ill health. Need new recruits.
Leigh - Bells are going a bit better.
Martley - In good shape, although sometimes down in numbers. Open Tower Day in June.
Ombersley - Remain fairly self-sufficient.
Shelsley - No change
Shrawley - Self-sufficient. Some learners.
Suckley. - Would struggle without Sue and Joe's support. Intend improving the sound-proofing this year. 

12) AOB:
Date of next meeting: September 27th 2011 at 7.45pm at The Camp.
The meeting finished at 10pm. 

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