Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300



Present: Martin Curren (master) Martin Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler, Joe Crocker, Jenny Beacham  

1)Apologies: Margaret Bayliss, Janet Stallard

A special welcome was extended by the Chairman to Joe Crocker who has joined the committee. 

2)Minutes of the committee meeting held on September 28th 2010:
An amendment was made under item 8 of the minutes and they were then accepted by the meeting 
and signed as a correct record by the chairman.

3)Matters arising from the previous meeting: None

4)Draft minutes of AGM for approval: These were approved by the meeting. 
The number of people at the AGM was 35.  

5)Matters arising from AGM: None that were not covered in the agenda

6)Guild calendar dates and events for 2011:

Still to come this year is: December 18th Kent and Oxford practice at Clifton

A discussion took place re the Royal Wedding taking place on April 29th 2011. 
It was felt that this need not have any effect on ringing plans either regarding the Hereford Course 
or regarding the trip to Exeter. Any ¼ peals rung for the wedding need not be rung on the actual day. 

May 5th to 8th Long week-end Exeter: Dave Cropp and John Haydon are working on a provisional list of towers. 
Joe is looking into accommodation relatively close to Exeter. Mark Regan will be helping us to get Exeter Cathedral. 
Martin will ask John Haydon to circulate a notice to towers at the beginning of February confirming arrangements 
and finding out who is interested in going.  

The dates for the walk and the dinner were altered and are now:

 Sunday May 22nd Walk and Ring: One option would be to walk from Stoke Lacy to Much Cowan. 
Other ideas to be brought to the next committee meeting. 

June 4th Martley Guild Dinner: at Cob House Farm, Martley. There would need to be between 30 and 40 people. 

There is a carvery which is £6. We would need to take our own drinks. Joe to publicise this to the Guild towers. 

June 25th  Guild Outing to Somerset: Martin and Janet are organising this. Mark Regan to access Wells cathedral.

July 21st Evening Outing: Hopefully to Eldersfield and Hanley Castle.

November 12th 2011 Martley guild AGM: At Hallow. 

Special practices were decided upon as follows: 

Sat Jan 29th : Bob Minor evening at Martley.  7pm to 9pm

Sat April 2nd  : Double Norwich at Bromyard. 7pm to 9pm

Thurs April 14th : Grandsire evening at Grimley. 7pm to 9pm

7)Hereford Ringing Course:  
This takes place from April 28th to May 1st 2011. Dave Cropp hopes to attend, and so may Joe Crocker. 
Entry forms will be available after Christmas. 

Funding for the course was discussed. We are fortunate in having sufficient funds to offer a grant to 
those applying for the course. The Sarah Beacham Trust is also available for this purpose. 

8)Treasurer’s Report:  Nil to add since AGM    

9)Ringing Steward’s Report:    
Linda Taylor has taken on the role of Ringing Steward and has a plan for monthly practices, 
which was shown to the committee members. The idea was discussed of concentrating on a chosen 
method on some practice evenings, particularly when at a tower where there is no nucleus of ringers, 
such as Leigh, Astley, Grimley and Shelsley.  

Linda will prepare the Guild Calendar of Events for the coming year and arrange for its distribution to Guild towers, 
and individuals.

10) Record Secretary’s Report:
Since the last committee meeting and AGM:
A quarter peal has been rung at Clifton of St Simon’s Doubles, rung to mark the 21st Wedding Anniversary 
of Martin and Janet.

Two quarter peals at Martley of: - Plain Bob Minor - First inside for Dave Cropp and, 
Plain Bob Doubles -. First inside for Sue Crocker.

10)Dates of committee meetings for the coming year:

Nov 30th,  No Meeting in Feb, April 5th,  Sept 27th 


It was agreed by the meeting that £30 should be sent to the Belfry Repairs Fund in memory of David Franklin.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm.


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