Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300


Martin Curren (Master),  Martin Stallard, Janet Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler, 
Margaret Bayliss, Jenny Beacham (secretary) 

1) Apologies: none
2) Minutes of the committee meeting held on April 27th 2010:
The minutes of the previous committee meeting were accepted and signed.  
3) Matters arising from the previous meeting:
Re: Grandsire practice: Martin Stallard to organise another Grandsire practice on November 25th this year.
Re: Broadwas practice: Since last meeting there has been service ringing every month on the second Sunday
4) Treasurer’s Report:
Janet Stallard reported £830.86 in Nationwide account.
Martley subs still overdue
76 members have paid their annual subscriptions including unattached members. 

5) Ringing Steward’s report:
Monthly Guild practices usually fairly well attended, although generally by the same people.
Emphasis on particular methods thought to be good. Needs to be publicised beforehand.  
Linda Taylor suggested we could circulate teaching touches to learn before the practice. 
Dave Cropp has suggested a special practice of Single Oxford 

6) Record secretary’s report:
Lyn Wheeler reported that, since the last committee meeting, there have been 7 quarter peals,
1 date touch and 1 peal.
Quarters were at: 1 Kingstone, 4 Shrawley, 2 Martley
Mike Snelling and Joe Crocker rang their first inside - Plain Bob Doubles.
Dave Cropp called a quarter of Reverse Canterbury.
Date touch was at Grimley - 3 methods
Peal was at Clifton - first peal for Janet Stallard and Dave Cropp

7) Tower reports:
Astley: Little ringing. Areley Kings ringers were thought to be going there following 
change in parish boundaries, but not happening now.
Broadwas: Service ringing once a month. A good variety of methods rung on practice nights
Clifton: Mike and Bob go to Martley practices 
Grimley: 3 members. Hallow ringers ring monthly on Sundays and hold monthly practices on last Thursday in month. 
Hallow: active tower
Leigh: 7 band members. 3 are Guild members
Martley: 9 members. Active practice nights with visitors from other towers.
Ombersley: 8 members are attending the Cathedral teaching centre this week.
Shelsley: 1 member
Shrawley: active tower
Suckley: 7 members; but difficult to raise a full band

8) Guild activities since last committee meeting: 
May 13th - 16th Isle of Wight - Great success, and well organised.
June 12th - Walk and Ring. Avoid wedding day next time!
June 19th MG dinner - Ask at AGM if this would be popular next year. Janet Stallard happy to organise
July 3rd -  Ringing outing - Gloucestershire. Enjoyable and successful
July 22nd - Evening outing - Eldersfield. Enjoyable and successful.

9) Cathedral Teaching Centre:  8 Ombersley ringers visiting the Cathedral on Thursday. 
10) AGM arrangements for November 6th at Broadwas.
Draft agenda circulated to committee members.
Linda Taylor will ask Chris Martin if he would play the organ.
Secretary to produce service sheets and send minutes and agendas to each tower.
Linda said that the Broadwas ringers will provide tea
There is a vacancy for one more committee member. Joe Crocker a possibility?
Linda Taylor to take on roll of Ringing Steward. Apart from this change all committee members to stay in post.
Secretary to invite to AGM: Association Master, Alan Roberts, Western Branch Master, 
Martin Hills, and all unattached members. 

8) Guild activities for coming year: 
Trip to Exeter.  Dave Cropp organising.  Joe Crocker to organise accommodation. 5th - 8th May 2011.
Walk and Ring -June 5th 
Guild Outing - June 25th 
Evening Outing - July 21st 
Hereford Course is April 28th - May 1st
AGM 2011 at Hallow on Nov 12th
Committee meeting dates for 2011: 
Tues Nov 30th 2010
February 2011 - No meeting. ( Martin Curren is away from Jan to March)
Tues April 5th  2011
Tues Sept 27th 2011

Linda Taylor suggested that a quarter of Kent should be attempted for the Guild
Martin Stallard will run a further Grandsire evening next year.
It was decided that an evening of Kent and Oxford Treble Bob will take place on   December 18th this year at Clifton from 7pm to 9pm
Other possibilities could be Cambridge and Norwich
Martin Curren will ask Chris Martin if he wishes to continue being in charge of ordering the Regalia clothing. 

The meeting closed at 10pm


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