Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300


Present: Martin Curren, Martin Stallard, Janet Stallard, Linda Taylor, Jenny Beacham

1)Apologies for absence: Lyn Wheeler, Margaret Bayliss

2)Minutes of the committee meeting held on Feb 18th 2010: These were signed as a correct 
record following one amendment. 

3)Matters arising: None

4)Treasurer’s report: Payment had been made to Jackie Colwill of Shrawley of £100 towards 
the cost of the Hereford Course. The account stood at £801. 84p

5)Ringing steward’s report: Since the last committee meeting the following events have taken place:

The regular Martley Guild practice evenings; at Ombersley in March and Clifton in April.

The second Rise and Fall practice at Shrawley on the morning of March 13th. 

A Steadman evening practice at Hallow on March 18th.
A Grandsire evening practice at Grimley on Thursday April 15th. 
This was particularly well supported with 17 people attending, 
and Ombersley giving up their own practice evening to come. 
The Hereford Course had been attended by one learner from Shrawley with other MG members there as helpers. 

Martin Stallard said that he would like to hold another Grandsire evening - no date set as yet. 
It was decided that, at the monthly Guild practices at Shelsley, Grimley and Shrawley, 
there will be an emphasis on Grandsire. At Suckley there could be an emphasis on Bob Minor. 

6)Record secretary’s report: There was one ¼ peal of mixed doubles methods rung at Martley.

7)Trip to the Isle of Wight: 25 ringers are coming on this plus partners meaning about 40 people in total. 
All arrangements appear finalised. 

8)Forthcoming Guild Activities:  

June 12th Walk and ring. Linda is organising this. There is a wedding at Suckley that day 
and so plans were discussed to work around the wedding ringing. Linda to finalise the details 
and Jenny to send notices to towers. 

June 19th Martley Guild Dinner. This is booked at The Granary, Collington. 
However, if many people are going, the venue will have to be altered to accommodate everyone, 
as The Granary holds only about 40 people. Jenny to ask tower captains for names and numbers to be in by May 19th. 

July 3rd Ringing Outing to Gloucestershire. Martin Stallard has arranged for ringing at 6 towers. 
He warned that we might need to subsidise from funds to cover tower donations. 

July 22nd Evening ringing outing to Eldersfield plus other towers. Martin Stallard is arranging this.

Other plans for events: Martin Stallard put forward the idea of incorporating Exeter Cathedral in a ringing tour. 
Martin Curren suggested a trip of a few days to the West country next year which could include Exeter. 
This might be in April/May orSept/Oct 2011. To be put to this year’s AGM

The committee felt that Cambridge practices would be attractive to some people but might perhaps deter some others. 
We decided we would try some Cambridge at the monthly Guild practices at Suckley and Shelsley, 
and on the evening outing on July 22nd   

9)Use of Cathedral Teaching Centre: Previously, we arranged visits to the teaching centre for Clifton and Martley ringers. 
It was suggested that we ask David Wood if the Ombersley ringers would like us to do the same for them. 
Jenny to contact David Wood. 

10)Tower report:
Broadwas: The tower has good practice evenings, but no regular Sunday ringing. The               
idea of an open day has not been taken up and this may not be the right time for them. Review next year. 
Hallow: has one new learner.

11)AOB: None

12)Date of next meeting: Changed from Tues Sept 7th to Tues Sept 28th 

The meeting closed at 21.10 hrs. 

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