Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Curren
		      Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
		               01886 888300



Present: Martin Curren (Master), Martin Stallard, Janet Stallard, Lyn Wheeler, 
Margaret Bayliss, Jenny Beacham.

1) Apologies for absence: Linda Taylor

2) Minutes of committee meeting on Dec. 1st 2009: These were signed by the chairman as a correct record. 

3)There were no matters arising that were not covered by the agenda.

4) Treasurer’s report: There had been 2 applications to the Hereford course this year although it was 
thought only one had been accepted. It was agreed that a grant should be made from our funds.

Martin Stallard said that the cost of the Martley Guild web site would be £61 for the next two years.

5) Ringing steward’s report: The Martley Guild practice list has been circulated to the towers. 
The January practice at Astley had to be cancelled due to snow. The February practice at Martley was well attended. 

6) Record secretary’s report: Lyn reported that there had been three quarter peals since the last committee meeting. 
These were at Dodderhill, Martley and Shrawley.

7) Trip to Isle of Wight: The ringing days of the trip will be Thursday 13th May to Saturday 15th May. 
Joe Crocker is organising the booking of rooms in a hotel in Shanklin at very reasonable cost. 
All the towers requested are available. So far, about 16 people are going. 

8) Other activities:

June 12th   Walk and Ring. Linda Taylor is organising this. Martin will liaise with her.

July 3rd  Guild Ringing outing to Gloucestershire. Martin Stallard is organising the day. 
He will find somewhere on the way back for an evening meal.

July 22nd Evening ringing. Martin and Janet Stallard are arranging ringing at Eldersfield and another tower. 

Teaching/special practices: 

January 16th Reverse Bob evening was a success

February 11th First Rise and Fall session. Four learners attended. 
Margaret Bayliss felt more individual practice was needed initially when learning. 

March 13th  Rise and Fall practice at Shrawley from 10am to 12 midday. 
Jenny will notify towers re change of start time and will try to establish how many people might be attending

April 15th Grandsire evening. Grimley tower is booked for this. Martin Stallard will lead the practice.

Janet Stallard suggested a Stedman evening. It was decided that this will be at 
Hallow on Thursday March 18th starting at 7.30pm. Jenny will check this with the vicar of Hallow.  

9) Hereford Ringing Course: Jackie Colwill of Shrawley has been accepted on the course and 
is applying for a grant. It was agreed that the Guild will pay half of the course fee to be 
sent to the applicant in the form of a cheque shortly before the course. 

10) Tower reports: 
Astley: Ringing one Sunday a month. Vic Powell is the only Astley ringer.

Broadwas: Good practice nights but no local ringers. 
Bob Browne to be asked again about an open tower day.

Clifton: Michael and Bob come to Martley practices and Martley help out with weddings and service ringing.

Grimley: Monthly practice on last Thurs in month. 

Hallow: Need more experienced ringers as well as learners.

Leigh: Chris Phillips and Charles are the local ringers. 

Ombersley: Only about 6 members.

Martley: Doing well. Helping Clifton and Shelsley. 

Shelsley: Brian is the only local ringer

Shrawley: Two learners, John and Jackie. Ten members.

Suckley: Six members. They are just self sufficient.

11) AOB: Martin Curren said that Martley had held their tower dinner recently at Collinton. 
He wondered whether we could hold a Martley Guild dinner.  
John Haydon will organise one this year and the suggestion will be put to the AGM for next year. 
The date was agreed as June 19th.

12) Date of the next meeting: April 20th

The meeting finished at 9pm. 

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