Martley Guild Committee Minutes

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 NOVEMBER 27TH  2007 AT 20.30 HRS 

Martin Curren (Master), Margaret Baylis, Jenny Beacham, Martin Stallard, Janet Stallard, Linda Taylor, Lyn Wheeler,  
Apologies were received from Chris Martin (secretary)

Martin Curren welcomed Margaret Baylis to the committee.

Jenny Beacham agreed to take the minutes in the secretary’s absence.

Minutes of meeting held on 20th September 2007:
The minutes of the previous committee meeting were accepted and agreed by those present. 

Matters arising: 

Draft minutes of the 2007 AGM:
The draft minutes of the 2007 AGM were accepted.
It was noted that, in the list of members present, those members who were unattached to a Martley Guild tower 
sometimes had the name of their tower and sometimes were put as ‘unattached’. They should all be put as unattached. 

Treasurer’s report: 
Janet Stallard reported that the Guild account details were at present with the Building Society following transfer 
of the post of treasurer from Rosemary Hart to Janet. As far as she could recollect all subscription payments were 
now up to date. 

Janet suggested that we should increase the subscription charge to £2. This was thought to be an appropriate move 
but it would need to be put to the membership at the next AGM. Meanwhile we could find out what members thought of 
the idea. 

In view of the lateness of payment of some subscriptions we could send round a reminder about payments and at the 
same time we could tell them of the proposal to increase the fee. 

 The news of Dick Speed’s death was noted and it was thought that the Guild should, at the time of his funeral, 
donate £50 in his memory. A quarter peal would be rung for him. 
At this point we were reminded that Dick was president of the Guild and Guild documents and correspondence will 
need to be amended.  

Ringing Steward’s Report: 
Jenny Beacham said that she would be putting together the calendar of monthly Guild practices for the coming year 
and would check dates for these with the tower captains. The calendar of practices would then be sent to all towers. 
It was felt that we could repeat a similar pattern to last year but would include Grimley in the programme. 
Eight bell practices would continue at Hallow on fifth Wednesdays. 

Record Secretary’s Report:
Lyn Wheeler reported that there had been no quarter peals rung since the last meeting.

 In her analysis of Sunday ringing, it remained a fact that Astley, Leigh, Broadwas and Shelsley Beauchamp 
were unable to have their bells rung on most Sundays. It was difficult for Guild members to help out as they 
already have commitments at their own churches. All service ringing was covered in other towers. Linda suggested 
the possibility of sometimes ringing a quarter at the towers where Sunday ringing did not occur.
The framed calendars given by David Mountford had been distributed by Lyn to various towers. Lyn is still looking 
for the Martley Guild’s Calendars of Events for the years: 1993, 1995, 1996 and 1997. 

Guild Membership:
There was a discussion as to when was the best time to collect subscriptions from the membership - 
(this had been partially covered in the treasurer’s report.) It was decided that the secretary should send a letter 
to each tower and unattached individuals, to the effect that subscriptions should be paid each year by Easter. 
This would be in line with when the Western Branch collect their subscriptions.

Guild Activities:
Linda Taylor will prepare the calendar of events for the year and arrange for its distribution. 

Evening special practice, ? minor, at Martley- Saturday March 15th from 19.00 - 21.00hrs.

Theory Session - David Beacham - followed by a Training Session- Martin Stallard-April 12th at Clifton. 
Jenny Beacham will ask the Clifton ringers whether the church would be available on that date.

3) Invitation to Ring at the Cathedral- Monday May 12th  -is a possible date. 
Martin Curren will ask Mark if we can look round the crypt as part of that evening. 

 4) Severn Valley Railway - plus ringing - June 7th.   Martin and Janet Stallard to organise this.

5) Outing to Stratford, Warwick, Coventry- June 28th  Martin and Janet to organise. 
The Park and Ride scheme could be made use of in Stratford. Martin Curren emphasised that there should 
be some six bell towers in the day as many members were six bell ringers. 

Ringing Outing for 2009 - An outing is planned to take place in Oxford on July 4th 2009 - bookings need 
to be in that far in advance. 

Discussion of Questionnaire: 
Martin pooled together our thoughts on the responses to the questionnaire. In general we felt the replies 
were encouraging and people were pleased with the events that we have organised.

Positive responses: 
Social events- good opportunity for other halves and non-ringing friends to join in. We agreed it was good 
practice for social events to include some ringing. 

Doubles and basic instruction - more help needed for beginers. Make use of training centre at the cathedral

Striking comp- mainly not wanted although some missed it. 

Communication not felt to be good particularly to unattached members. Need to think about how best to 
communicate with individuals rather than just through the tower corespondent. 

1) Demonstration of pilot Guild Web Site by Martin Stallard:
This would enable better communication with the membership
To contain the events calendar, the monthly practice programme and any new information not already covered.
Links to Western Branch site, Hereford Course
Cost of £28 for two years

Linda suggested that we should write to all towers to inform them of the web site, once running, 
and also have a laminated card with web site address on display in each tower. Linda will make the card. 

2) AGM 1st November 2008 at Grimley
Martin Curren will not be there and so Martin Stallard will chair meeting. The Hallow band will help with hosting this.

3) Proposed trip to Ireland 2009
Alan Gosling would be happy to help on the organising committee for this.

4) Proposed maintenance course:
Leave until next year but find out interest though web site this year.

5) Proposed new ring of eight at Old St Martin’s Church:
Martin Curren suggested we could ring a sponsored quarter peal to assist in raising funds for this cause. 
The Martley ringers had already agreed to ring a sponsored quarter peal. 

6) Dates of Committee Meetings for the year 2008:

Tues. February 12th.   Tues. May 20th.  Tues. September 16th.  Tues. November 25th. 
All to be held at The Red Lion, Clifton- on-Teme.

The meeting closed at 11pm.(!)  

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