Martley Guild AGM Minutes

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                                MARTLEY DISTRICT CHANGE
                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857



1) Apologies for absence: Marg Bayliss, Bob Bayliss, Sue Crocker, Joe Crocker, Iris Checketts, Tony Checketts, 
Geoff Munslow, Martin Curren, Tim Munslow, Chris Carter, Helen Peberdy and Jim Heasman.


2) Loss of Members through Death. The sad loss of Les Smith and Michael Orme was announced. There was a few moments of silence to reflect. 

3) Minutes of the Meeting held on 8th November 2017.  These were accepted by the meeting as a true record and were signed by the chairman..

4) Matters arising from the Minutes.  None.

5) Officers Reports for 2017/2018. 
Masterís Report  See separate copy. 
Treasurerís Report. See separate copy. 
Record Secretaryís Report.  See separate copy.

6) Review of Guild Events 2018: Outing on Thursday December 28th 2017 by Alan Gosling.  Successful.  
Plain and Little Bob Minor Practice 11 am Tuesday 20th February at Shrawley. Successful.  
Grandsire and Stedman Doubles Practice 11 am Tuesday 17th April at Clifton. Limited turnout.  
Short Break to Cheshire Wednesday May 16th through Saturday May 19th by Tim Munslow. Successful.  
Martley Guild outing to Brecon Wednesday 20th June. Successful.  
Evening Outing to Hanley Swan and Hanley Castle Thursday July 26th. Successful. 
Afternoon and Evening Outing to Tenbury Wells area Thursday August 23rd. Lockout at Tenbury Wells otherwise OK.  
General Doubles Practice 11 am Thursday September 13th at Grimley. Successful. 
Autumn Afternoon Outing Tuesday October 16th to Stoulton and Kempsey.  Successful but Limited turnout.  
Fifth Wednesday Practices at Hallow. Limited turnout 

7) The future of the Guild: 

Web site to finish at the end of subscription.
Information to be added to Martley village website.
Proposed by John Haydon and Seconded by John Westwood. The Guild Funds to go to the Worcester and Districts Association Belfrey Repairs Fund then the account to be closed.
Worcester and Districts Association to be requested to look favorably upon funding requests from the Martley Guild.
Propsed by John Haydon and Seconded by Dave Cropp, that the Martley District Change Ringers Guild is terminated.
A new less formal guild to be created. The new name to be "The Martley Guild".
A team will meet to schedule events for the Martley Guild. Members will be: Martin Stallard, Janet Stallard, Tim Munslow, Judith O'Leary, Dave Cropp, Alan Gosling and John Haydon.
There may be an annual gathering for an informal discussion about the Martley Guild instead of a formal AGM.

Items 8 through 14 were not progressed because of the Martley District Change Ringers Guild  termination.
8 Programme of events for 2019. 
9 Election of Officers for 2018/19 
10 Election of new members 
11 Hereford ringing course 2019
12 Tower reports 
13 Safeguarding
14 Date and venue of the next General Meeting

15 Any other business.
Jim Wheeler propsed thanks to Martin Stallard for his work as Master.

The meeting closed at 19.25. 

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