Martley Guild AGM Minutes

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                                MARTLEY DISTRICT CHANGE
                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857



1) Apologies for absence: Janet Stallard, Victor Powell, John Westwood. David Wood, Geoff Munslow, 
Bob Bayliss, Margaret Bayliss, Dudley Guest and Chris Hays.

 23 attendees.

2) Loss of Members through Death. The sad loss of David Beacham was announced. 
Jim Wheeler gave an obituary which highlighted the great help David gave in setting up the Martley Guild.

3) Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th November 2015.  These were accepted by the meeting as a true record and were signed by the chairman..

4) Matters arising from the Minutes.  None.

5) Election of new members.  Tony and Iris Checketts were proposed by John Haydon and seconded by Jim Wheeler.

6) Officers Reports for 2015/2016. 
Master's Report
Treasurerís Report.  
Ringing Stewardís Report.  
Record Secretary's Report 

7) Election of Officers for 2016/2017. 

Master: Martin Stallard was proposed by John Haydon and seconded by Linda Taylor.

Deputy Master: John Haydon was proposed by Jim Wheeler and seconded by Janet Mann.

Treasurer: Janet Stallard was proposed by Bob Davis and seconded by Tony Checkets.

Secretary: No nominations so the post is vacant. 

Records Secretary: Michael Snelling was proposed by Chris Phillips and seconded by David Mountford.

Ringing Steward: Joe Crocker was proposed by Janet Mann and seconded by Bob Davis.

Committee Members: Margaret Bayliss was proposed by Mike Snelling and seconded by Jenney Beacham. 
Janet Mann was proposed by Joe Crocker and seconded by Bob Browne.  

Hon Auditor: Bob Davis was proposed by  John Haydon and seconded by Les Smith. 

All these were accepted by the meeting.
8) Review of Events 2016 including: 
Special Practices at Shelsley March and Astley September.
Short Break to Cambridge Wednesday 20th April.
Martley Guild outing on Friday June 10th to Brigdnorth. 
Summer afternoon/evening outing July to Herfordshire. 
Summer evening outing August to Coddington and Bosbury.
Other practices and Fifth Wenesday practices at Hallow.
 All were deemed to be successful.     
9) Programme of Events for 2017.
Practices at Martley in February, Kent and Cambridge Minor. April Ombersley, St Simons Doubles and St. Clements Minor. 
September Shelsley, Stedman Doubles. Committee to confirm dates. 
Members were requested to support extra practices when requested by local towers.
Fifth Wednesday practices to continue at Hallow.
Christmas outing Thursday 29th December 2016 to Shropshire.
Short break to Devon Wednesday 10th through Saturday 13th May. 
Martley Guild Outing to Brecon on Friday 16th June
Afternoon/Evening Outing on Thursday 27th July to Hanbury area.
Evening Outing on Thursday 24th August to South Worcestershire.
More events will be organised if required. 

10) Hereford Ringing Course 2017: The dates will be 20th April through 23rd  April 2017. 
Funds are available to help with fees from the Guild. The Sarah Beacham Trust no longer exists. 
As is usual practice, the following enabling motion was put to the meeting by the chairman:- 
" this meeting agrees that the committee may at its discretion provide financial support from Guild funds 
to any member attending, as a learner, the Hereford Ringing Course 2017, with priority to be given to 
reimbursement of course fees and up to a total of £300 irrespective of the number of applicants." 

11) Tower Reports. 
Astley  The  tower and bells are still in good condition the annual maintenance by 
Taylors has taken place there have been no adverse comments. The monthly ringing for a service has now 
moved to the second Sunday of the month,this is to help with Shrawley ringers commitments to the services in the revised  parishes.
This suits us well as the second Sunday being a Communion service in Astley. We are grateful to John Westwood and the other 
Shrawley ringers for their help over the past year ringing for services and also other mebers of the Martley guild for help ringing for weddings.  
                        V.C. Powell .    Tower  Secretary , 

Broadwas  Bob Browne reported ringing is OK. They receive help on practice nights. 
Fifth Sunday they ring with help for other Martley Guild Members.
Clifton  They have four members.They ring every Sunday. No new members. 
One wedding this year. Joint practice second Friday with Martley.   
Grimley  David Mountford reported they ring on the second Sunday. Had  four weddings and a funeral this year. 
First Tuesday practices in the future starting on the 4th April. Bells in good order.
Hallow  Dave Mountford reported the bells are rung every Sunday. Practice attendance varies. 
The equipment is in good condition. Thanks to Martley for help on Sundays and practices.   
Leigh  Chris Phillips is now a Father so time is limited. Not rung for a service this year. 
Only two ringers left. Obtained bands for weddings. Bells always available.
Martley  John Haydon reported . Good practice nights. Bells in good order. 
Practice with Clifton on second Friday and Shelsley fifth Friday. One learner moved away, one gave up.

Ombersley: Iris and I are pleased to be here to represent Ombersley at this meeting.   
Our Tower Captain is away on holiday for a few weeks. However, David Wood is a very reliable and helpful deputy.  
We are able to report regular Thursday evening practices and Sunday morning service ringing. There are usually 
enough people to run a practice on Thursday.   Plain courses of Bob Doubles, Grandsire Doubles and Reverse Canterbury 
are rung by all members of the team and some are ringing bobs and singles.   Progress can be quite slow but that 
is no-one's fault because the practice all depends on who is available to attend.   It is difficult to ask someone 
to look up a method and then not have enough people to try it at the next practice.
We have no learners at present.   We may lose one of our regular ringers due to illness but hope this will only be temporary.
We believe the bells and ropes are in good condition.
We know of, and have rung for, at least six weddings this year and nine weddings are already booked for 2017.   
We always try to make sure we have enough people to ring for weddings (sometimes with help from another tower) 
and usually ring call changes - depends who is present.   We ring on Remembrance Sunday and for other occasional special events if at all possible.
We feel we need to tighten up the start time of Thursday evening practice.   
It is published as 7.30pm in one place, 7.45pm in others and sometimes we do not start until 8.10pm.
Though Ombersley is rather insular we are generally a happy and sociable team.
Tony Checketts

Shelsley  Nobody was present from Shelsley but it was reported that the bells are in good order.

Shrawley: We continue to have good practices on Monday evenings, although like the Sunday service ringing, 
attendances are a bit up and down.  We now ring for Sunday services on  the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.   
Our monthly service ringing at Astley is now on the 2nd Sunday.
We have had no new recruits, but at our harvest supper my 'bell ringing experience' sold for £80 (!!!)  
and I am looking forward to showing 2 non-ringing families what goes on in the tower.
Since last years AGM we have only rung 4 quarter peals at Shrawley, but the highlight of the last 12 months was the peal rung on 12th December.  
This was rung as part of the national 'First Peal 2015' to attract at least 300 ringers to ring their first peal during the 
300th anniversary year of the first ever peal, and it was Chris Carter's first peal at the first attempt.
I arranged a Tower outing to Shropshire ringing at Ludlow - which was an experience - Bromfield, Aymestry, and Tenbury.  
Wigmore was also planned but no-one was there to meet us.
Shrawley competed in the Western Branch Striking Competition at Castlemorton without me,  but, 
with a little help from our friends, put in a very respectable performance.    
The bells are in good order although the clappers can be a bit sticky particularly in the hot weather.
We look forward to next year.
John.										     9th November 2016    			

 Suckley  Linda Taylor reported hey have occasional Wednesday practices. Service ringing good. 
Support from Bromyard tower helpful.

12) Safeguarding John Haydon gave an overview. Clifton members attended a course. John Haydon has been on DBS course.
Every Church to progress. Not all ringers required, only tower representitives.
Committee to provide guidence.

13) AOB: 
Tower fees. Meeting recommended a minimum of £25 per rope plus a tower maintenance fee if required.
Jim Wheeler suggested to involve Jason Fisher in the running of the Martley Guild.
Thanks to Broadwas for the tea, Dave Sherwin for the Service. Chris Carter for the organ.

14) Date and venue of the next General Meeting 
Ombersley Wednesday 8th November 2017.

The meeting closed at 19.43 pm. 

Masterís Report 2016:

On the whole I feel the Guild continues to thrive and keep the bells and ringing within its geographic area. 

There have been many successful events during the year as follows:

We had a St Simons Doubles and St Clements Minor practice in March at Shelsley. 

The Short Break to Cambridge area took place in April and was well attended. Thanks to Joe Crocker for the organisation.  

The Guild outing took place in June to Bridgnorth and was well attended.
Finished with an evening meal at China City, Ombersley.

A Summer Afternoon/Evening Outing outing in July was to Cradley, Stretton Grandison, Yarkhill and Much Cowarne. This was well attended.  

A second summer evening outing took place in August to Coddington and Bosbury. This was well attended.

We had a Plain and Double Bob practice in September at Astley. 

We also had general practices at Clifton, Suckley, Shrawley and Broadwas.   
Fifth Wednesday practices took place at Hallow. 

I have managed to support all events and practices this year and I continue to feel that there is considerable enthusiasm within the Guild. 

To conclude, I feel ringing in the Guild remains healthy and the social aspect also healthy. We will maintain an interesting programme for 2017. 

Finally, I would like to thank all the committee members for being such an excellent team and supporting Guild activities during the year.  Joe Crocker as Ringing Steward. Mike Snelling for maintaining our records. John Haydon supporting me as Deputy Master. My wife Janet for the treasurer's role. Finally committee members Margaret Bayliss and Janet Mann for all their help and support over the year. I would also like to thank all Martley Guild members for their support as well. 

Martin Stallard, Martley Guild Master

Record Secretary's Report 2016:

Martley Guild record of Peals and Quarters rung from 4th November 2015 until 5th November 2016 
Peals recorded       5 comprising
Astley                        1
Hallow                        1
Martley                       1
Ombersley                     1
Shrawley                      1 
Quarter Peals recorded  24 comprising.
Clifton                       3
Grimley                       7
Hallow                        4
Leigh                         2
Martley                       1
Ombersley                     2
Shrawley                      5
Suckley                       1
Non Guild tower     
 Dodderhill                   1 
 ..................................................................................................................................................................         Astley:        5040 Surprise Minor
Clifton:        2015  Plain Bob Minor
                     1260  St Nicholas Bob Doubles
                     1320   King Edward Surprise

Grimley:      1260 Plain Bob Doubles
                     1260 Reverse Canterbury Place Doubles.   Congratulations to Chris & Tracy Phillps birth                                                             
                     of their daughter Amelia Grace             
                     1260 St Simonís & St Martins Doubles
                     1260 Grandsire & Plain Bob Doubles.   
                     1260   April Day
                     1260  St Martinís Bob Doubles.   For Queenís 90th Birthday
                     1296  Capel Treble Bob

Hallow:          5088 Cambridge Surprise Major
                       1288 Grandsire Triples
                       1280 Spliced Surprise major
                       1250 Natrium Major
                       1288 Grandsire Triples   Ladies Guild
Leigh:            1272 Cambridge Surprise Minor. Lower House Farm. Christening of Amelia Grace 
                       1296  Cambridge Surprise Minor.   For the Christening of Amelia Grace Phillips

Martley:        1320 Treble Bob Minor
                        5040 Spliced Surprise Major

Ombersley:   5040 Surprise Minor.  Remembering 2nd Lt. Aubrey Herbert Bower Webster, only son of 
                        Rev John and Mrs Edith Webster, Ombersley Vicarage, died France 25th April 1916.
                        1260 Doubles, 11 Methods
                        1300 Grandsire Doubles. Remembering Lt Bower as above, member of local band

Shrawley:       5040 Doubles  First peal for Chris Carter and for Maryís birthday
                         1260 Doubles Grandshire & Plain Bob.  To honour the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth
                         1296 Annables London Surprise Minor
                         1260 Doubles Grandsire & Plain Bob  70th Birthday compliment to Chris Carter
                         1260  Plain Bob Doubles   Guest appearance by Terry Hinett for his fatherís 90th
                         1260 Plain Bob Doubles 

Suckley:           1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor.  BBC Music Day

Non Guild Tower

Dodderhill;      1344 Plain Bob Major

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