Martley Guild AGM Minutes

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                                MARTLEY DISTRICT CHANGE
                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857



Present: 30 members - see separate list on file 

1) Apologies for absence: Jim Heasman, Phil Bullock, Louise Hamilton Glover

2) Loss of Members through Death. There were no members lost to us during the year.

3) Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd November 2013.  
These were accepted by the meeting as a true record and were signed by the chairman..

4) Matters arising from the Minutes.  A question was asked as to whether the Committee had arranged any Peals or 
Quarter Peals to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Guild. The Master confessed that this had not been done 
formally but some quarters had already been rung in commemoration. 
He urged all towers to arrange quarters if they had not done so already.

5) Election of new members.  Alan Wainwright was proposed as a new member at Hallow tower by Geoff Munslow 
and seconded by David Mountford. Judith O’Leary was proposed as a new member at Martley tower by John Haydon 
and seconded by Joe Crocker. Both nominations were accepted by the meeting.

6) Subscriptions.  Where appropriate, Tower representatives paid subscriptions for 2015 to the treasurer.

7) Officers Reports for 2013/2014. 
Master’s Report:  

On the whole I feel the Guild continues to thrive and keep the bells and ringing within its geographic area.
There have been many successful events during the year as follows:
We had a Double Norwich practice in March at St. Stephens, Worcester but a second was cancelled because the same tower became unavailable.
The Short Break to West Wales took place in May and was well attended. Thanks to Dave Cropp for the organisation.
The Guild outing took place in June to The Cotswolds where we rang at towers around Broadway.
Finished with an evening meal at The Plough and Harrow Drakes Broughton.
The Martley Guild Walk and Picnic took place in July along the Severn Valley Railway route with ringing at Bewdley and Upper Arley.
An evening outing in July was to Hanbury and Dodderhill.
A second summer evening outing took place in August to Chaddesley Corbett and Kidderminster.
A second Martley Guild Outing was organised in August to Shropshire, where we rang around the Bishops Castle area.
Finished with an evening meal at The Plough, Stoke Lacy.
An Autumn evening outing in October  was to Worcester St. Swithun and Worcester All Saints.
Monthly branch practices followed a similar pattern to previous years but many were poorly attended. 
I think this was the only dissapointing item during the year. 
Fifth Wednesday practices took place at Hallow and  Bromyard and were successful.
I have managed to get to most events and practices this year and I continue to feel that there is considerable enthusiasm within the Guild.
To conclude, I feel ringing in the Guild remains healthy and the social aspect also healthy. We will try to maintain an interesting programme for 2015.
Finally, I would like to thank all the committee members for being such an excellent team and supporting Guild activities during the year. 
Martin Curren for taking on the role of Secretary. Joe Crocker as Ringing Steward. Mike Snelling for maintaining our records. J
ohn Haydon supporting me as Deputy Master. My wife Janet for the treasurer's role. Finally committee members Margaret Bayliss and Janet Mann 
for all their help and support over the year. I would also like to thank all Martley Guild members for their support as well. 

In addition John Haydon mentioned that extra support had been provided for Shelsley and Suckley during the year.

Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer presented the audited accounts. David Beacham asked if the ‘subscriptions to date amount’ 
reflected all current members. The Treasurer confirmed that this was the case with the exception of Ombersley. 
Technically this means that Ombersley members are no longer members of the Guild. After some discussion it was agreed 
that the Committee would approach Ombersley to see if they would prefer to operate independently from the Martley Guild.

Ringing Steward’s Report. Joe Crocker reported that all 11monthly practices had been maintained with helpful cooperation 
from all Tower Captains although attendances had been low at a number of the practices this year.

Record Secretary’s Report.  See separate copy. Michael Snelling presented his first report in this capacity and urged all 
those organising peals or quarters to inform him personally particularly when they were rung outside Guild towers. 
In total 21 quarters were rung with a number of notable firsts including one as the first in Plain Bob Minor for the Records Secretary himself.

8) Election of Officers for 2014/2015. 

Master: Martin Stallard was proposed by John Haydon and seconded by Linda Taylor.

Deputy Master: John Haydon was proposed by Margaret Bayliss and seconded by Joe Crocker.

Treasurer: Janet Stallard was proposed by Bob Bayliss and seconded by Sue Crocker.

Secretary: Martin Curren declared that he was not going to stand for re-election so the Master asked for alternative nominations. 
None were forthcoming and so the post was left vacant until the next Committee meeting. 

Records Secretary: Michael Snelling was proposed by John Haydon and seconded by John Westwood.

Ringing Steward: Joe Crocker was proposed by Linda Taylor and seconded by Margaret Bayliss.

Committee Members: Margaret Bayliss was proposed by Joe Crocker and seconded by Janet Stallard. Janet Mann was proposed by Bob Bayliss 
and seconded by David Mountford.

Hon Auditor: Bob Davis was proposed by John Haydon and seconded by Janet Mann. 

All these were accepted by the meeting.
9) Programme of Events for 2015.
a) Monthly Practices. After some discussion it was decided that these will be rung in a similar pattern to last year 
and support for them will be reviewed at the next AGM
b) Weekend Outing. Tim Munslow has prepared an outing based around the Marlborough area from 21st to 23rd May 2015 
on behalf of the Guild. All details have been circulated and a show of hands for support suggested in excess of 20 attendees already.
c) Guild Outing. The date for the Guild outing in 2015 is proposed as June 19th and Martin Stallard will explore basing it around Radnorshire.
d) Evening Outings. Evening outing dates are a 23rd July and 20th August. There was a request to include Croome in one of these.
e) Special Practices. A special practice is scheduled for 17th March 2015. Following some discussion it was agreed to base this on 
St Martins, St Simons and St Clements methods subject to who turned up on the day. 
f) Walk: This is planned for 10th July and will be organised by Joe Crocker.
g) Support for particular Towers. David Mountford will continue to run practices at Grimley from April to October in 2015 
on the last Tuesday of the month. 

10) Hereford Ringing Course 2015: The dates will be 9th to 12th April 2015. Funds are available to help with fees either 
from the Guild or from the Sarah Beacham Trust. As is usual practice, the following enabling motion was put to the meeting by the chairman:- 
" this meeting agrees that the committee may at its discretion provide financial support from Guild funds to any member attending, as a learner, 
the Hereford Ringing Course 2015, with priority to be given to reimbursement of course fees and up to a total of £300 irrespective of the number 
of applicants." The motion was proposed by John Westwood and seconded by John Haydon.

The only known applicant at this stage is Judith O’Leary.

11) Tower Reports. 
Astley  Vic Powell reported that the bells remain in good condition although the frame could do with wire brushing and fresh paint. 
With help from Shrawley they are rung for the first Sunday in the month and special occasions. Vic thanked Shrawley for their support during the year.
Broadwas  Bob Browne reported that the bells remain in good condition and all is well. 
Regular practices are maintained and one new ringer is making good progress.
Clifton  Michael Snelling reported that the bells have had their annual inspection and are in good condition. 
There are only four members ringing now but they continue to ring for Sunday services. Mike Snelling thanked Martley for their continued support at all times.
Grimley  David Mountford has taken over responsibility for the tower from Phil Bullock. He confirmed the bells continue to be in good condition. 
There is no band but the tower practices have been well supported by the Guild and Hallow has provided support with Sunday services. 
Monthly practices on the last Tuesday of the month will start again in March 2015 until and including October.
Hallow  Geoff Munslow reported that the ringing continues to be very good with extra support from Martley members on practice nights.  
All service and wedding commitments have been met.
Leigh  Chris Phillips reported that he has limited time available to commit to the tower and ringing has only taken place for special services. 
All the help from the Guild is appreciated to meet wedding commitments. 
Martley  John Haydon reported continued good ringing at Martley with an enthusiastic team, and almost overwhelming support on practice nights. 
We continue to provide extra help for other towers such as Shelsley, Clifton and Suckley whenever possible.
Ombersley  Nobody was present from Ombersley and no report was available.  
Shelsley  Nobody was present from Shelsley but John Haydon confirmed that Jason Fisher is acting as Tower Captain and plans to hold a practice 
once a month in the future with help from the Guild.
Shrawley  See separate report.
 Suckley  Linda Taylor confirmed that they ring for service once a month and hold a practice most weeks. The recent addition of Nick Cronin to 
their ringing has helped a lot. The bells do need some work and a new pulley has been fitted recently. Linda expressed thanks to everyone for their 
support of the memorial concert for Ivor Bramwich. Regular support from Dudley Guest, Sue Crocker and Joe Crocker from Martley has been much appreciated. 
Some thought is being given to changing the practice night from Wednesday to Thursday to avoid clashes with other tower practices.
12) Guild Regalia:
The meeting was reminded of the availability of Guild Regalia and Chris Martin is happy to carry on coordinating this on behalf of the Guild. 
John Westwood will ask Chris to circulate an updated version of the regalia list to all towers.
13) AOB: Geoff Munslow proposed a vote of thanks to everyone who had helped provide tea and refreshments at short notice and also to Chris Carter for playing the organ.
	Jim Wheeler proposed a vote of thanks to Martin Curren for all his work on the Guild Committee over the last 20 years. 
	Chris Phillips said how grateful he was for the donation from the Guild for his wedding earlier in the year.
14) Date and Venue of next Meeting:- After some discussion it was decided to return to a Saturday for the next AGM and the proposed date is 7th November 2015. 
The Committee will discuss the venue at their next meeting.

The meeting closed at 18.30pm. 

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