Martley Guild AGM Minutes

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                                MARTLEY DISTRICT CHANGE
                                RINGERS GUILD
		                Master:  Martin Stallard
		                4 Teasel Close, 
                                Worcester WR5 3ST
		                01905 352857


Present: 26 members - see separate list on file - plus Cynthia Palmer representing the Western Branch.

1) Apologies for absence: Barbara Richards, Bob Garman,  Jenny Walton, Tim Munslow, Christine Hayes, 
David Wood,  Jeff Webb, John Westwood, John Haydon, Helen Peberdy.

2) Loss of Members through Death. 
The loss of Gordon Wood and Ivor Bramwich was noted and a moment of silence held to show our respect for them. 

3) Minutes of the Meeting held on 10th November 2012.  
These were accepted by the meeting as a true record and were signed by the chairman..

4) Matters arising from the Minutes.  None.

5) Election of new members.  
Jason Fisher subject to being elected at the next Western Branch meeting. Cynthia Palmer and Tony Palmer also joined as new members.

6) Officers Reports for 2012/2013. 
Master’s Report  See separate copy.
Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer presented the audited accounts. There being no questions or queries the accounts were accepted by the meeting.
Ringing Steward’s Report. Joe Crocker reported that the monthly practices had been maintained and attendances had been very good on the whole. 
The same pattern is planned for 2014.
Record Secretary’s Report.  See separate copy. Lyn Wheeler presented this as her last report having decided to resign from the post and the Committee. 
Her work over the last few years has been much appreciated.

7) Election of Officers for 2013/2014. 

Master: Martin Stallard was proposed by Chris Phillips and seconded by Bob Bayliss.

Deputy Master: John Haydon was proposed by Linda Taylor and seconded by Jenny Beacham.

Treasurer: Janet Stallard was proposed by Janet Mann and seconded by Margaret Bayliss.

Secretary: Martin Curren was proposed by Vic Powell and seconded by Linda Taylor.

Records Secretary: Michael Snelling was proposed by Chris Phillips and seconded by Bob Bayliss.

Ringing Steward: Joe Crocker was proposed by Sue Crocker and seconded by Geoff Munslow.

Committee Members: Margaret Bayliss was proposed by Jim Wheeler and seconded by Dave Mountford. 
Janet Mann offered to stand and was proposed by Margaret Bayliss and seconded by Les Smith.

Hon Auditor: Bob Davis was proposed by Martin Stallard and seconded by Jim Wheeler. 
All these were accepted by the meeting.
The Secretary will write to Bob Garman to thank him for his work as Hon Auditor over many years.
8) Programme of Events for 2014.
a) Monthly Practices. These will follow a similar pattern to 2013 and the joint fifth Wednesday practices with Bromyard will also continue.
b) Guild Outing. The date for the Guild outing in 2014 is proposed as June 20th and Martin Stallard will explore basing it around the Cotswolds.
c) Evening Outings. Evening outing dates are a Thursday in July to include Hanbury and 14th August to include Kidderminster.
d) Special Practices. A special practice is scheduled for 13th December 2013 at Clifton to focus on Plain Bob Minor. 
There was a request from some members for a special practice for Double Norwich and Martin Stallard will look at setting up two sessions - 
not too far apart - to do this. Location and dates to be decided.
e) Walk, Ring, Rail. This is planned for 11th July.
f) Support for particular Towers. David Mountford aims to run practices at Grimley from March to October in 2014 on the last Tuesday of the month 
and the Guild will support these as it did in 2013.The Master asked the meeting to consider a proposal from the Committee to support 
Suckley and Shelsley on a monthly basis during 2014. It was not possible to agree on a pattern for this mainly because of the difficulty of supporting 
Suckley on Wednesdays which clash with other practices. It was decided to take this idea back for discussion at the next Committee meeting.
g) Proposed Guild Outing to South Wales. Dave Cropp has outlined a ringing tour in South Wales based at Tenby. 
The dates are 15th to 18th May 2014 and the outline was circulated to the meeting. 
There was a positive response and support for this. The only concern was the amount of driving mileage and time involved and the suggestion will 
be made to Dave Cropp to allow enough ringing time at all the towers and minimise mileage as much as possible. 
There is a possibility that the dates could clash with the Western Branch outing.
h) Guild Dinner Chris Phillips proposed that a Guild Dinner could be tried again in the winter months - possibly February - 
and this will be discussed at the next Committee meeting.

9) Hereford Ringing Course 2014: Martin Stallard reminded the meeting that the dates will be 24th to 27th April 2014. 
Funds are available to help with fees either from the Guild or from the Sarah Beacham Trust. 
As is usual practice, the following enabling motion was put to the meeting by the chairman:- " this meeting agrees that the committee may at its 
discretion provide financial support from Guild funds to any member attending, as a learner, the Hereford Ringing Course 2013, 
with priority to be given to reimbursement of course fees and up to a total of £300 irrespective of the number of applicants." 
The motion was proposed by Chris Phillips and seconded by Bob Bayliss.
There are no known applicants at this stage.

10) Tower Reports. 
Astley  The bells had their annual inspection by Taylors and remain in good condition. 
With help from Shrawley they are rung for the first Sunday in the month and special occasions. 
Vic thanked Shrawley for their support for weddings during the year.
Broadwas  There are no ringing members resident in Broadwas but good practices continue with the help of Guild members from other towers. 
Unfortunately the loss of Ivor Bramwich is a big gap to fill. Bob Browne paid particular thanks to David Mountford, Linda Taylor and Christine Hayes. 
The bells remain in good condition and new ropes are to be fitted. 
The good news is of two new learners in the village who are going to the training bells at the Cathedral with Linda Taylor and John Haydon.
Clifton  The bells are in good condition and continue to have an annual inspection from Taylors. 
There are only four members ringing now but they continue to ring for Sunday services. Mike Snelling thanked Martley for their continued support at all times.
Grimley  Phil Bullock confirmed the bells continue to be in good condition. There is no band but the tower is well supported by the Guild.
Hallow  The ringing continues to be very good with extra support from Martley members on practice nights. 
Sunday ringing can be a struggle however with sometimes only six or seven ringers but all service and wedding commitments have been met.
Leigh  Chris Phillips reported that there are still only three ringers and all the help from the Guild is appreciated to meet wedding commitments. 
He hopes for new ringers in the future.
Martley  In the absence of John Haydon, Martin Curren reported continued good ringing at Martley with an enthusiastic team, 
and some new ringers during the year. Thanks to some extra members from Hallow and elsewhere practice nights are very successful.
 Ombersley  Nobody was present from Ombersley and no report was available. 
Martin Curren reported that there is an enthusiastic band led by Andrew Horne and they appreciate help from the Guild when we can provide it.
Shelsley  Nobody was present from Shelsley and no report was available. 
Louise Glover reported that she had heard that there was some new difficulty with books and bookcases being stored in the ringing chamber.
Shrawley  In John Westwood’s absence Chris Carter reported that good practices continue and the band visited the Cathedral in July. 
The bells are in good order and an inspection by Taylors has been arranged.
 Suckley  Linda Taylor confirmed the sad loss of Ivor Bramwich and the gap that he has left, not only for Suckley, but also for the Guild. 
He was on the Committee for several years and organised the guild outing for a long time. Regular support from Dudley Guest, Sue Crocker 
and Joe Crocker from Martley has enabled her to keep practices going most of the time. There has been no further deterioration of the bells.

11) Guild Regalia:
The meeting was reminded of the availability of Guild Regalia and Chris Martin is happy to carry on coordinating this on behalf of the Guild.
12) AOB: Linda Taylor announced that Keith Bramwich is organising a concert for Ivor planned for 8th February 2014 which would have been his 80th birthday.
	Cynthia Palmer reminded Tower Masters to complete and return the tower census circulated by the Western Branch to enable the Branch to have a 
better picture of the needs of different towers and ringers. 
Martin Stallard observed that 2014 will witness the 40th anniversary of the Martley Guild. The first meeting was on 9th November 1974. 
All ideas to mark this milestone would be considered. The meeting suggested
a) To hold the AGM at Hallow (the venue of the original meeting)
b) To arrange a Guild dinner near that date to mark the 40th anniversary occasion.
c) Possibly a Peal, or Quarter Peals, or an Open Day during the year.
d) Invite as many Founder Members as possible.
13) Date and Venue of next Meeting:- 1st Novenber 2014 at Hallow.

The meeting closed at 20.05pm. 

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