Martley Guild AGM Minutes

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                               Master:  Martin Curren
		      	Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
			            01886 888300


Present: 24 members - See separate list on file.

Apologies for absence: 
Ivor Bramwich
Bob Browne
Chris Carter
Iris Checketts
Tony Checketts
John Clements
Gladys Clements
Joe Crocker
Sue Crocker
Bob Garman
Alison Hodge
Maureen Munslow
Helen Peberdy
Alison Regan
Barbara Richards 
Ted Showell
Paul Smith
Jenny Walton
Mark Wilson
Gordon Wood

10)  Loss of members through death:
Terry Ellard, Cyril Lewis, Ron Myers and David Franklin were all remembered. 
A minutes silence was kept as a mark of respect. 

3) The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on November 6th 2010. 
These were accepted by the meeting as a true record and were signed by the chairman.

4) Matters arising from the minutes: None

5) Election of new members:

John Westwood proposed, and Linda Taylor seconded that the following Shrawley ringers be elected to the Martley Guild:
Christopher Carter
Thomas Briggs
Kate Andrew

David Wood proposed, and John Haydon seconded that the following Ombersley ringer be elected to the Martley Guild:
Paul Adams

Their membership was accepted by the meeting, and Thomas Briggs, who was present, was welcomed to the Guild. 

6) Officer's Reports: 

Master's Report
See separate copy

Treasurer's Report
Janet presented the audited accounts. The balance stands at 970. 
The adoption of the accounts was proposed by Margaret Bayliss and seconded by John Haydon and accepted by the meeting. 

Ringing Steward's Report
Linda reported that there had been practices at all Guild towers during the year. 
She had thought about having particular methods on some of the practice nights but did not want 
to put people off if that was not what they wanted. She invited people to let the committee know 
of their preferences in this respect. 

 Record secretary's Report
See separate copy.

7) Election of Officers:
A few changes are being made to the team of Guild officers:

Linda Taylor wished to stand down from the role of Ringing Steward and also stand down from the committee

Martin Curren wished to stand down as Guild Master

Michael Snelling offered to come on to the committee.

Master: Martin Stallard was proposed by Linda Taylor and seconded by Margaret Bayliss. 
There being no other nominations, Martin was accepted as the new Master by the meeting.

Deputy Master: John Haydon was proposed by Jim Wheeler and seconded by Chris Phillips and accepted by the meeting. 
Treasurer: Janet Stallard was proposed by Margaret Bayliss and seconded by Jenny Beacham and accepted by the meeting.

Secretary: Martin Curren was proposed by Lyn Wheeler and seconded by Martin Stallard and accepted by the meeting.

Ringing Steward: Jenny Beacham was proposed by Martin Curren and seconded by Linda Taylor and accepted by the meeting.

Record Secretary: Lyn Wheeler was proposed by Margaret Bayliss and seconded by Janet Stallard and accepted by the meeting. 

Committee Members  were elected as follows:
Michael Snelling was proposed by Margaret Bayliss and seconded by Jenny Beacham
Margaret Bayliss was proposed by Tim Munslow and seconded by Bob Bayliss
Joe Crocker was proposed by Margaret Bayliss and seconded by John Haydon

All these were accepted by the meeting. 

 Hon Auditor: Bob Garman was proposed by Janet Stallard and seconded by Tim Munslow and accepted by the meeting. 

Jim Wheeler, on behalf of the Guild, asked that his thanks be recorded, for the work done by the officers over the years. 
In particular, it was noted that Linda Taylor is standing down after over 20 years on the committee. 

8) Programme of events for 2012:

Martley Guild Outing to Yorkshire:  
Martin Curren described the ideas for the trip, which will run from Thursday April 26th to Sunday April 29th. 
Dave Cropp and Lyn Wheeler have been working on the details. There need to be between 20 - 30 people to make it viable. 
Dave has talked to Yorkshire ringers Sue and Mark who are helping with plans. Details and a booking form were passed 
around to members.

Guild Outing: Friday June 22nd in Gloucestershire. Gloucester Cathedral to be included. 
A Friday would be tried this time to avoid wedding commitments on the Saturday. 

Walk and Ring:  The Walk and Ring was not so well supported this year. 
But on questioning it seems to be something that people like the idea of. 
We will try holding it on a Saturday, possibly in May. It was left for the committee to arrange this.

Guild Dinner: We struggled to get enough people to attend this year and so it was felt best to not have a dinner next year.

 Evening Outing: July 19th/26th. Martin Stallard will organise this. Also invited to Kidderminster again, 
possibly with Elmley Lovett, which could be a Thursday evening at the end of August. 
Jim Wheeler suggested a visit to Stone where the first Martley Guild peal was rung. 

AGM in 2012: To be held at Martley. Mark Regan had said that we would be welcome to 
hold the AGM at Old St Martins Church, Worcester. After discussion it was felt that there 
could be problems with parking and catering at Old St Martin's. A visit to the new ring at Old St Martins 
could be done as an evening ringing outing on some other date. 

Martin Stallard said that he would organise a Grandsire practice evening in the year. 
He asked the members to let him know if there were any particular methods they would like to have a special practice for. 

9) Hereford Ringing Course: Martin Curren reminded the members about the course. 
Funds were available to help with fees either from the Guild or from the Sarah Beacham Trust.    
As is usual practice, the following enabling motion was put to the meeting by the chairman: 
'This meeting agrees that the committee may at it's discretion provide financial support from 
Guild funds to any member attending, as a learner, The Hereford Ringing Course 2012; 
with priority to be given to reimbursement of course fees and up to a total maximum of 300'. 

The endorsement of the motion was proposed by John Westwood and seconded by Vic Powell and accepted by the meeting. 

10) Tower Reports: 

Astley.  Ringing takes place for one service a month thanks to the Shrawley ringers. 
Rang on June 6th with help from the Martley Guild. Bells in good condition.

Broadwas.  Bells in good condition. Good practice nights although missing Terry Ellard. No local ringers. 

Clifton. Down to 3 regular ringers, but ring with 4 on Sundays. All visitors are welcome. 
Sue and Joe from Martley have been very supportive. Three youngsters were learning but have since given up. 

Grimley. Phil Bullock reported that there was only Robert Garman who was a local ringer. 
Hallow ringers have been available to help and ring for evensong once a month. 

Hallow. Tim Munslow reported that the number of ringers on a Sunday has dropped due to 
Gordon and Ted not being there. Unable to attract recruits in spite of Tim advertising for them on occasions. 
All are welcome at the 8 bell practices at Hallow on the 5th Weds in the year.

Leigh. Bells have not been rung for a Sunday service since January and have probably been rung in 
total only four times this year. Two of the band members had died: June Robinson, 
and Terry Ellard who had taught Chris to ring. The bells were going better since Chris had worked on them.

Martley. John Haydon said that John Slater had been to look at the bells and had tightened up the frame. 
Ring for three services a month. Good practices on Fridays. The ringers help out at Clifton and Shelsley. 

Ombersley. David Wood reported that they were carrying on steadily and have been able to ring for all services. 
Bells in good order. The wooden clapper has helped the go of the tenor. 
David is standing down as Tower Captain at the end of January. 

Shelsley. Only Brian at Shelsley. Bells suffer from lack of use as no regular ringing. 

Shrawley. John Westwood reported that Shrawley is thriving with nine active ringers. 
Two learners started last year - Tom and Chris who are doing well. Have had new ropes. 

Suckley. Linda reported the towers sadness at having lost Terry Ellard who rang a lot with them over the years. 
They do struggle to get enough ringers and have had to cancel some practice nights. 
Thanks to Ivor Bramwich for looking after the bells and Jim Wheeler for clapper welding services. 
Work needs to be done in the tower and on the bells. There is a small crack in the fifth bell. 
It is possible there might be money available from the church when the church is refurbished. 

11) AOB.
1)Wedding Fees: John Haydon brought up the subject of fees for weddings. 
This produced much discussion. The usual fee seems to be 15. The main points were that firstly, 
the fee should be a realistic amount and secondly there should not be too much disparity across the Guild. 
John Haydon proposed and Chris Phillips seconded that the recommended fee for wedding ringing at all the 
Guild towers should be 20 per ringer.  This was agreed by the meeting.

2) Western Branch Striking Competition: John Westwood reminded the members that there is a 
Martley Guild cup to be won for this and Shrawley has won it for several years. 
In 2012 the competition will be held on the Sunday afternoon of July 1st .  
He hopes that some more of the Martley Guild towers will take up the challenge.  

12) Date of next meeting: November 10th 2012 at Martley.

The meeting closed at 7.40pm. 

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