Martley Guild AGM Minutes

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                               Master:  Martin Curren
		      	Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
			            01886 888300


Present: 32 members - See separate list on file. Only Shelsley Beauchamp not represented.

1)Apologies for absence
Paul Smith
Sarah Hodge
David Mountford
Bob Davis 
Louise Glover
Martin Hills
John Clements
Gladys Clements
Tony Checketts
Iris Checketts
Robert Garman
Barbara Richards
Jack Whittenbury

2)Loss of members through death 

3) The minutes of the Annual General meeting held on November 7th 2009  
These were taken as read. They were accepted as a true record by the meeting and were signed by the chairman.

4)Matters arising from the minutes

5)Election of new members

6)Officer’s reports:

Master’s Report:
The master welcomed members and guests to the meeting, in particular, Alan Roberts, Alison Hodge, 
George and Ruth Morris and Giancarlo Tomasi from Italy. 

On the whole I feel the Guild continues to thrive and keep the bells and ringing alive within its geographic area. 
There have been a number of well supported events during the year including:-
A social walk and picnic in June which was well organised by Linda and Brian Taylor through the Suckley Hills, 
although it was complicated by the fact that there was a wedding at Suckley at the same time. 
Everyone enjoyed the day very much, and the weather was excellent. 

The first Guild dinner for a long time took place in June and was organised by John Haydon. 
It was bolstered by Alison Hodge and George Morris from Malvern and a group of their Italian ringing friends. 
This turned out to be a most enjoyable evening and we gained new insights into the safety hazards of 
ringing Bolognese style compared to Veronese style. There is still a lot to be said for the English version. 

The Guild outing in July to Gloucestershire, had an interesting mix of towers, finishing at Painswick. 
There was a good turn out, the weather was kind and everyone had an enjoyable time. 
This was organised to great effect by Martin and Janet Stallard. 

An evening outing in July was to Eldersfield and Hanley Swan. Thanks to Martin Stallard for organising 
this enjoyable evening. 

The outing to the Isle of Wight took place in early May and John Haydon managed to get all 14 ringable towers for us. 
Joe Crocker located a very good hotel which most people used and this proved to be an excellent long weekend break. 
I sense enough support to continue this formula and Dave Cropp has prepared an itinerary in the 
Exeter area for next May 5th - 8th to include Exeter Cathedral. 

Branch practices followed a similar pattern to the previous year with  eight bell practices taking place at Hallow. 
An additional feature has been a regular monthly practice at Grimley which has proved quite successful. 
This has been led by Janet Stallard. 

Quarter peal activity has continued. One peal was rung and a date touch of 2010 changes was also rung during the year. 

I have managed to get to most events and practices this year and I continue to feel that there is 
considerable enthusiasm within the Guild. We took some learners from Ombersley to try the training 
dumb bells at Worcester Cathedral and, although we had a few frustrating technical gremlins on the night, 
I think those who attended found it worthwhile. 

To conclude, I feel ringing in the Guild remains pretty healthy and the social aspect very healthy. 
We will try to maintain an interesting programme for 2011. 

Finally, I would like to thank all the committee members for being such an excellent team and supporting 
Guild activities during the year. In particular, Martin and Janet Stallard for organising excellent events, 
Jenny Beacham for taking on the role of Secretary as well as Ringing Steward, Lyn Wheeler for maintaining 
our records and Linda Taylor and Margaret Bayliss for all their help and support over the year. 

Treasurer’s Report:
Janet Stallard presented the audited accounts for the year to Sept 2010. 
The balance stands at £868.86 in the Nationwide Account. 
The adoption of the accounts was proposed by Bob Bayliss and seconded by John Haydon. 
This was agreed by the meeting, with thanks going to Robert Garman as auditor. 

Ringing Steward’s Report: 
Monthly Guild practices have been held at all towers in the Guild except for Astley which had its date set for 
January - and was cancelled due to snow! 8 bell practices have been kept at Hallow whenever there is a 
fifth Wednesday in the month.  All these have been reasonably well attended during the year. 

We have also had: 

Two Rise and fall practices held at Shrawley, one in an evening and one on a Saturday morning. 

A Stedman evening practice at Hallow in March

A Grandsire practice at Grimley on a Thursday evening in April. 
Another Grandsire practice evening is due to take place on November 25th this year, again at Grimley.

A visit to the Teaching Centre at the Cathedral by members of the Ombersley band in September.

On Saturday December 18th we are holding a Kent and Oxford Treble Bob practice evening at Clifton.

We try to offer opportunities across the board and if anyone has any suggestions for special practices, 
do let us know. We did think that one idea could be to have an emphasis on a particular method on some 
of the Guild practice evenings. The method would be publicised beforehand so that people could look it up. 
We wouldn’t off course want to deter anyone who didn’t want to ring that particular method and would ring 
other methods as well to suit whoever came along. 

Any information about practices and events is emailed to tower captains and can also be found on the Guild Web-site. 

Tim Munslow made the suggestion that teaching more people to treble bob would be very helpful. 
The ability to treble bob to a method was a useful tool for any ringer to have and could make 
all the difference to what could be rung on a practice night. 

Record secretary’s report

Following Lyn Wheeler’s report, Ted Showell congratulated, on behalf of all members, Janet Stallard 
and Dave Cropp on ringing their first peal.

7)Election of Officers:

All committee members were prepared to stand again. As Jenny Beacham has been holding the office of both 
Secretary and Ringing Steward, it was decided that Linda Taylor should take on the role of Ringing Steward. 
John Haydon proposed that all officers be re-elected en mass. This was seconded by Chris Phillips and agreed by the meeting. 

There was one vacancy on the committee. Joe Crocker was proposed by Margaret Bayliss, 
seconded by John Haydon and agreed by the members present. 

Bob Garman had declared himself willing to stand again as auditor. He was proposed by Jim Wheeler, 
seconded by Phil Bullock and agreed by the members present. 

The committee for 2011 is therefore:
Master - Martin Curren
Deputy master - Martin Stallard
Treasurer - Janet Stallard
Secretary - Jenny Beacham
Records Secretary - Lyn Wheeler
Ringing Steward - Linda Taylor
Member - Margaret Bayliss
Member - Joe Crocker

8)Guild Programme of Events for 2011:

May 5th - May 8th -..Long week-end around Exeter

June 5th - Walk and Ring

June 25th - Guild outing to Somerset. Mark Regan will help with access to Wells Cathedral. 
Martin and Janet Stallard to arrange. 

July 21st - Evening Outing. Martin Stallard planning for Eldersfield and Hanley Castle

November 12th AGM at Hallow. 

Guild dinner to be held in the middle of the year. Janet Stallard is happy to organise this. 

9)Hereford Ringing Course: 

The Chairman promoted the usefulness of the course to all tower bell ringers. 
Application forms are available around New Year from the web site. 
Guild funds are available so that grants can be made towards course fees. 
The Sarah Beacham Memorial Fund is also available for this purpose. 
Dave Cropp said that he hoped to attend the 2011 course.

The following enabling motion was put to the meeting by the Chairman: 
‘This meeting agrees that the committee may at its discretion provide financial support from Guild funds 
to any member attending, as a learner, the Hereford Ringing Course 2011; with priority to be given to 
reimbursement of course fees and up to a total maximum expenditure of £300.’

The endorsement of the motion was proposed by Joe Crocker and seconded by Linda Taylor.

10)Tower Reports: 

Astley: Vic Powell said that Astley is still part of  the Shrawley, Whitley and Abberley Benefice 
until the diocese brings about the changes in the deanery. Still only one ringer at Astley. 
Thanks go to John Westwood and other Shrawley ringers for helping maintain the ringing for the first 
Sunday of the month, and for weddings and other events.

Broadwas: Bob Brown reported that the bells and mechanism are in good condition. 
Ringing is maintained on the second Sunday morning of each month. Practice on Mondays is lively. All welcome. 

Clifton: Michael Snelling reported that the bells have had their annual maintenance check from 
Loughborough and all is satisfactory. They have 5 regular ringers and ring for Tuesday practice and Sunday services. 
They are grateful to Sue and Joe and other Martley ringers for their support and also for the warm welcome 
that they have received when they ring at Martley on Friday evenings. 

Grimley: Phil Bullock reported that the bells are in good order. Robert Garman is the only local active ringer. 
They have had visiting ringers through the year and are grateful to Hallow for their support and welcome the 
monthly practices that Janet Stallard has organised on the last Thursday in the month. 

Hallow:  Tim Munslow reported that Hallow is in good heart. They have three or four visitors to 
practices most weeks and ring every Sunday usually with ten or eleven ringers.   

Leigh: Chris Phillips said that they still have the same seven ringers. 
Chris has spent some worthwhile time tightening fittings etc and he feels that the bells now go better 
for his efforts than they used to. 

Martley: John Haydon reported that Martley continues well. Ringing takes place on three out of four Sundays. 
There is something for everyone on practice nights and he is indebted to Jim, Fred, Janet and Gordon for their support. 
Sue and Joe have made good progress. John Slater has been in to check and tighten up the frame.

Ombersley: David Wood reported that Ombersley has had a steady year. All services had been rung for, 
but sometimes there were only just enough ringers. They very much appreciated the Guilds input in 
putting on the Grandsire practice at Grimley and organising the visit for them to the Cathedral teaching centre 
- which he would recommend to other towers. 

Shelsley: John Westwood reported for Shelsley as Brian was not present. 
There is only one ringer there and little ringing. Martley give support sometimes. 
Two ropes have been replaced this year.    

Shrawley: John Westwood reported that there is an enthusiastic band, with some learners. 
One new youngster started last week and Chris who played the organ started in June and is doing well. 
Ropes need attention. He thanked all the ringers who came to ring for Mary’s wedding. It was much appreciated. 

Suckley: Linda reported that Suckley has the same band as a year ago. 
They struggle to get enough ringers but have rung for services on nearly every first 
Sunday in the month and most practice nights. She is grateful to Pam, Sid and Christine 
and to Ivor Bramwich as steeple keeper. Sue and Joe help on many occasions. 
She felt it would encourage people to come to ring if noise in the ringing chamber could be reduced. 
Jim Wheeler is looking into the use of rubber to improve sound- proofing. 
There have been no quarter peals rung this year.


Jim Wheeler recommended the talks that John Slater had given to Martley on bell maintenance 
and thought he might do the same for other towers if people wanted. 

Alison Hodge wished to thank the Martley Guild for the welcome that had been given to 
herself and George and Ruth Morris and the Italian ringers and for enabling her and others to join in Guild events. 

Vote of thanks: On behalf of those present, Jim Wheeler thanked the Broadwas team for hosting the meeting. 
He thanked David Sherwin for taking the service, Chris Carter for playing the organ and Linda, 
Christine, Bob, Dee, Ivor and Shirley for providing the tea. Thanks given also to the committee 
for their work during the year. 

Date of the next A.G.M. - November 12th. 2011 at Hallow Church

The meeting closed at 7pm

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