Martley Guild AGM Minutes

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                               Master:  Martin Curren
		      	Prickley Green Farm, Martley, Worcester WR6 6QQ
			            01886 888300


Members Present:			Apologies for absence:		   
Robert Brown	 Broadwas		Barbara Richards	Grimley	   
Bob Davis	 Clifton		Robert Garman	        Grimley	   
Mike Snelling  	 Clifton		Tim Munslow	        Hallow	   
Jack Whittenbury Clifton		Geoff Munslow	        Hallow	   
Phil Bullock	 Grimley		Maureen Munslow	        Hallow	   
Margaret Bayliss Hallow	        	Dave Cropp	        Martley	   
Bob Bayliss	 Hallow		        David Wood	        Ombersley	   
Jenny Beacham	 Hallow	        	Ivor Bramich	        Suckley	   
David Mountford	 Hallow		        Christine Hayes	        Suckley	   
Ted Showell	 Hallow		        Louise Hamilton- Glover	Unattached	   
Janet Stallard	 Hallow		        Jenny Walton      	Unattached	   
Martin Stallard	 Hallow				   
Jim Wheeler	 Hallow				   
Gordon Wood	 Hallow				   
Chris Phillips	 Leigh				   
Joe Crocker	 Martley				   
Sue Crocker	 Martley				   
Martin Curren	 Martley				   
John Haydon	 Martley				   
Lyn Wheeler	 Martley				   
Chris Martin	 Shrawley				   
John Westwood	 Shrawley		Also Present:		   
Pam Ashford	 Suckley		Alan Roberts	Worc Assn Master	   
Linda Taylor	 Suckley		Martyn Hills	Western Branch Master	   
David Beacham	 Unattached		Gill Roberts	Rowley Regis	   
Helen Peberdy    Unattached		Alex Walter	learner, Martley	   

The Master welcomed members and guests, especially the Association and Western Branch Masters, to the meeting.

Loss of Members through death:
The Master recorded the passing of Claire Moore, Shrawley, who many members would remember. 
Although ill-health had forced her to stop ringing some years ago, 
she had remained Treasurer of Shrawley tower until shortly before her death. 

The meeting observed a brief silence in memory. 

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2008:
The Secretary noted that, to save paper, the draft Minutes had not been circulated, 
but members had been directed to the copy on the Guild website. 
He had not had any complaint about this new procedure, nor requests for hard copies. 
The Minutes were taken as read. No amendments were sought. 
Adoption was proposed by the Secretary and seconded by Jenny Beacham. 
With all in favour, they were signed by the Chairman. 

Matters Arising:
There were no matters arising that were not covered by the Agenda. 

Election of New Members:
Four new members had been elected at Committee meetings during the year, 
following election to the Worcestershire Association:
Robert Barlow		Martley
Jackie Colwill		Shrawley
Ruth Goodman	        Shrawley
John Hutton		Shrawley
John Haydon proposed election of Alex Walker, Martley. 
Lyn Wheeler seconded and it was agreed, subject to confirmation of his election to the Association, 
planned for the Western Branch AGM in December. 

Master’s Report 2008/9:
Martin Curren reported a good year generally for the Guild, with well-supported events during June/July: 
the Social Walk and Ring at Astley; the main Ringing Outing to Oxford; 
and an Evening Outing to Castle Morton and Hanley Swan. 
Thanks to Fred and Janet Stallard for organising the first and last of those. 
The Oxford Outing was especially memorable, with visits to several College towers not normally open to visitors; 
and ringing for a wedding at one of them. 
Great thanks went to Mark Regan for arranging that day with his local contacts.

It had been proposed to go on a Ringing Holiday to Eire during September. 
He thanked the special sub-Committee for all the work they had put into that. 
However, there were simply insufficient numbers to make it feasible. In contrast, 
there had been a very successful short outing to Suffolk earlier in the year, 
organised by Martley tower, but open to other members. 
It was proposed for 2010 to try out that model for the Guild, with Isle of Wight in mind. 

It would be discussed later on the agenda. 

The Guild Practice schedule had been revised again from the new pattern trialled in 2008, 
to ensure that all towers had at least one practice; plus the 5th Wednesday 8-bell practices at Hallow. 
In addition, there had been three special practices arranged, with a fourth scheduled for later in November. 
Mostly, the level of commitment and enthusiasm had been good. 
It would be better if members from more towers took part. 
Those who did valued the experience and found the effort worthwhile, 
but it needed "selling" more widely. With Mark Regan’s assistance, 
two groups had used the Cathedral training ring and that, too, had been very helpful. 

The Master concluded he was a little frustrated at the slow rate of progress 
and the continuing difficult time at some towers, but he hoped a good programme in 2010 would contribute. 
Finally, he thanked the Committee for its continued hard work.  

Treasurer’s Report 2008/9:
Janet Stallard presented the audited Accounts for the year to 30 September 2009 (appended). 
The balance was unexpectedly healthy: the increased subscription level had started, 
but there had been no claims by Hereford Course 2008 attendees. 
She moved adoption of the accounts: seconded by the Secretary and all in favour. 
Janet then recorded a Vote of Thanks to Robert Garman, as Auditor. 

John Haydon suggested that the Guild might consider using part of the cash surplus; 
and noted that St John-in-Bedwardine had a major appeal for tower repairs: 
the bells were presently unringable. Members recalled that a donation had been made 
to Kidderminster St Mary in such circumstances. Bob Bayliss proposed that a donation of £100 be made. 
Chris Phillips seconded and all in favour.  

Ringing Steward’s Report 2008/9:
Jenny Beacham reported that the usual monthly practice schedule had been run and that all had been successful, 
with most very well supported. She echoed the Master’s comment that wider participation would be desirable, 
to help improve ringing by less-experienced members. She asked all Tower Captains to discuss with their teams 
and identify any special training needs that the Guild could meet, 
perhaps through closely-focused sessions on Saturday mornings. 
She emphasised that the purpose of Guild practices was to support weaker towers and 
their content should best be targeted at what those towers needed. Information was required.
The Master remarked the value of Clifton’s visit to the Cathedral training ring to help develop learners; 
and, for different reasons, its worth to Martley when they visited.  

Jenny recorded that two of the special practices - Cambridge Minor on 17th January and 
general Treble Bob methods on 14th March had been well-supported. However, 
the Surprise methods one on 22nd August had been abandoned as too few people turned up. 
This was probably a timing issue to be noted for the future. 
The Master reminded members that a session on Reverse Bob and Double Bob was planned for 21st November. 

Finally, Jenny reminded members that details of all Monthly, 8-bell and Special practices would be on the Guild Website.

Records Secretary’s Report 2008/9:
Lyn Wheeler said that it had been a quiet year, with a total of 12 Quarter peals rung. 
However, there was one notable event: a Date Touch of 2009 changes rung at Martley to celebrate 
50 years of ringing by Tina Steele. 
The Quarter Peal analysis was: 
Astley	   0		   
Broadwas   0		   
Clifton	   0		   
Grimley	   0		   
Hallow	   2		   
Leigh	   0
Martley	   3	   
Ombersley  1	   
Shelsley   0	   
Shrawley   4	   
Suckley	   1	   
TOTAL	   11	 
A Guild Quarter had also been rung at Mathon.  

The methods rung were: 
Plain Bob Doubles	3		   
Grandsire Doubles	3			   
Plain Bob Minor	        1			   
St Remigius Bob Doubles	1			   
Middlesex Bob Triples	2
Mixed Doubles:	        1	   
Rev Canterbury, Winchendon Place, Huntley Place		   
St Remigius, St Nicholas, St Simons, St Osmund,		   
Eynesbury,St Martins, Plain Bob		   
Date Touch:      	1	   
Reverse Canterbury, Grandsire, Plain Bob Doubles		 

Notable firsts were:

Middlesex Bob Triples inside: John Clements, Cynthia Palmer, Geoff Munslow, Bob Bayliss, 
David Mountford, Martin Curren and Jim Wheeler (all at Hallow over two Quarters)
St Remigius Doubles inside: Janet Stallard, Martin Curren, Lyn Wheeler, Fred Stallard (at Mathon) 
Conducting: Dave Cropp (Plain Bob Doubles at Martley) 
Date Touch: Tina Steele, John Haydon, Martin Curren, Lyn Wheeler, Fred Stallard, Dave Cropp (at Martley)

If anyone was left out - apologies; but it was up to towers to inform Lyn of their achievements. 
She had only become aware of 6 of the above by reading elsewhere or by visiting towers! 
That point was endorsed by the Master, who also complimented Lyn on the Guild scrapbooks 
and encouraged everyone to take a look at them after the meeting.  

Election of Officers for 2009/10:
The Secretary said that all Officers and Members were prepared to stand again, except himself on health grounds; 
and that he had received no other nominations for any post. Ted Showell proposed, and John Westwood seconded, 
that those current Officers and Committee prepared to continue be re-elected en bloc. Carried unanimously.
The Master thanked Chris for his seven year stint as Secretary.
Jenny Beacham offered to act as Secretary for a limited period - not more than two years - in addition to her 
role as Ringing Steward. Janet Stallard formally proposed her, Bob Davis seconded, and she was elected. 
The Master said that the Committee would consider at its next meeting whether it would be appropriate to 
seek to co-opt another person to the Committee to support Jenny.   

The Committee for 2010 is therefore:
Master	                Martin Curren	   
Deputy Master	        Martin Stallard	   
Treasurer	        Janet Stallard	   
Secretary	        Jenny Beacham	   
Records Secretary	Lyn Wheeler	   
Ringing Steward	        Jenny Beacham	   
Member	                Margaret Bayliss	   
Member	                Linda Taylor	   
Member	                vacant	 

Bob Garman being willing to continue as Auditor, he was proposed by Chris Martin, seconded by Janet Stallard and elected.

Guild Programme for 2010:
The Master announced the key dates as
12 June - Family Social event 
3 July  - Annual Ringing Outing
22 July - Evening Ringing Outing, if possible to include Eldersfield’s new bells

In discussion, there was general support for the Isle of Wight tour proposal and agreement 
that this could be targeted around the 7/8 May weekend. It should be possible to ring all 14 towers. 
John Haydon agreed to lead on the arrangements. It was also felt that the idea of a trip to Eire should be deferred, 
but not lost: there might be more support on another occasion.

Bob Bayliss suggested that Mark Regan might be able to assist with a visit to Gloucester Cathedral 
and the Master agreed to raise it with him. 

Hereford Ringing Course 2010:
The Chairman noted that the Course would be held as usual in the week after Easter; 
and that applications would probably be invited just after Christmas. 
He invited Tower Captains to promote the Course to their teams. 
He noted that attendees in 2009 had not sought financial support. 
Funds remained available from both the Guild and the Sarah Beacham Memorial Fund. 
He asked members to endorse the usual enabling motion:
"This meeting agrees that the Committee may at its discretion provide financial support from Guild funds 
to any Member attending, as a learner, the Hereford Ringing Course 2010; 
with priority to be given to reimbursement of Course Fees and up to a total maximum expenditure of £300."
Agreed unanimously.

Tower Reports 2008/9:

Astley: now had only one ringer, said John Westwood, and Shrawley supported one service per month. 
There were no practices. The bells were in good condition. Master noted that the Parish had now 
joined the Arley Kings Benefice. It was agreed that this need not affect its position in the Guild. 

Broadwas: also had no local interest, but Bob Browne was very grateful for continued support from Suckley, 
Leigh, Hallow and Pencombe (Hereford Guild), providing regular practice and one Sunday service cover. 
The bells were in good condition.  He hoped to involve the local newsletter editor in a campaign to raise interest.

Clifton: had lost two ringers and was down to five plus a learner, so it was difficult to operate. 
Bob Davis was grateful for support from surrounding towers; and the Committee with practices.  
There was now a prospect of up to five new learners and much help would be needed there. 
The visit to the Cathedral training ring had been very helpful and he commended it to others.   

Grimley: Phil Bullock said that he was no longer ringing and was grateful to Hallow for their 
Service support once a month. He was arranging an inspection of the bells, but suspected that 
they needed new clappers and main bearings. 

Hallow: Tim Munslow had written that Sunday service ringing was regular and good quality. 
Practices attracted up to 18 people, but visitors were welcome. He would like to see more 
faces at the fifth Wednesday 8-bell practices.

Leigh: Chris Phillips said there was no great change: the same band of seven active ringers, 
who now met twice a month - one Service and one practice. He was grateful for visiting help with Weddings. 

Martley: John Haydon said that the tower was still flourishing, now with 13 ringers. 
He particularly remarked the progress made by Sue and Joe Cocker. 
He thanked Hallow for help with training. The tower rang a wide range - from rounds to Cambridge; 
and had a good social atmosphere. Usually, there were surplus members available to help other towers on Sundays.
Ombersley: David Wood wrote that they had lost two regular ringers, which left them a little short-handed, 
but continued to ring for all Sunday services and weekly practices.He hoped to take on a couple of learners soon.  
Ombersley was one of the towers that had hosted some 20 Central Council visitors in June; 
and received favourable comment on the bells, which were going well, 
with the new ropes settled in and even the Tenor behaving itself with the "Wheeler" clapper.  

Shelsley: The situation had deteriorated, said John Haydon. Its one ringer usually travelled to Martley 
and there was no local activity nor ringing.  

Shrawley: John Westwood reported, had 10 ringers on its books, but rarely saw them all at once. 
The 3 learners were doing well and the tower had again entered the only Guild team in the 
Western Branch Striking Competition.  All Sunday services and weekly practices were rung. 
As part of "Back to Church Week" he held an Open Day that attracted 40 visitors to see the bells and ringing. 
He hoped for some hard interest as a result. 

Suckley: Said Linda Taylor, had 7 ringers: Terry Ellard was no longer coping with the stairs. 
One Sunday service per month was covered and even this necessitated long journeys for 3 members: 
she was very grateful to Pam, Sid and Christine for their effort. Some learners were much needed. 
She thanked Jim Wheeler for repair to the 4th clapper; and Ivor Bramich for his work as steeple keeper. 

Other Business:

Rise and Fall Practice:
Jim Wheeler asked about previous proposals for a specific Rise and Fall Practice, 
suggesting that the Cathedral training ring or tied bells at Hallow could be used. 
The Master undertook to refer this to the next Committee meeting. 

Vote of Thanks:
Fred Stallard proposed formal thanks to Clifton tower and its supporters for their hospitality amnd an excellent Tea.

Date of next Annual General Meeting:
The meeting was scheduled for 6th November 2010 at Broadwas.

The Meeting closed at 18:55.

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